Social Justice

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The New Civics: Using ‘Service Learning’ to Teach Progressive Advocacy

Apr 13, 2017 by David Randall |

David Randall writes about the New Civics in Oklahoma.

The Negative Influence of Education Schools on the K-12 Curriculum

Apr 11, 2017 by Sandra Stotsky |

Sandra Stotsky writes on the damage wrought by education schools.

The Character of Student Activism

Apr 01, 2016 by Zachary R. Wood |

Student activists would do well to consider the weaknesses that have hindered their moral crusade for social justice.

Fifth Avenue

Dec 30, 2015 by Peter Wood |

Peter Wood reflects on monuments to the American Dream and the politics of grievance on display on college campuses.

A Primer on the Abigail Fisher Case

Nov 30, 2015 by Peter Wood |

A quick summary of Fisher v. University of Texas.

Academic Social Science and America

Nov 13, 2015 by William H. Young |

William Young sums up his series on the impact of academic social science on American society, culture, and education.

Academic Social Science and Inequality

Oct 16, 2015 by William H. Young |

William Young examines the preoccupation of American social science with the redress of inequality and its impact on education. 

Academic Social Science and Social Justice

Aug 28, 2015 by William H. Young |

William Young examines the ascendancy of social justice among academic social scientists.

Social Injustices: Closing Corinthian, Coring College

May 22, 2015 by Peter Wood |

Elites claim their education reforms benefit the poor. But the closing of Corinthian Colleges and higher education's adjustment to Common Core do more harm than good.

“Teaching” Ferguson

Nov 26, 2014 by Ashley Thorne |

Faculty members and teachers use the grand jury's decision in the Ferguson case as an opportunity to advance the view that America is plagued by racism.

Academic Social Science - Rousseau Redux

Nov 03, 2014 by William H. Young |

William Young examines the enduring influence of Jean-Jacques Rousseu in academic social science.

Academic Social Science and our Capitalist Economy

Oct 15, 2014 by William H. Young |

William Young assesses the impact of contemporary social science on the economy.

Academic Social Science and Governance

Sep 08, 2014 by William H. Young |

William Young returns to evaluate the influence of the social sciences on public choice.

Campus Activism: The Fight for Imaginary Victories

Aug 13, 2014 by Peter Wood |

Campus activists fight against an imaginary villain of social injustice.

Prager U: What is Social Justice?

Mar 27, 2014 by Jason Fertig |

Jonah Goldberg calls the term 'social justice' a catchall phrase used to advance political agendas.

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