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Social Work Update: Grammatically Challenged Social Work Boards Bewildered by English…

Sep 12, 2008 by Glenn Ricketts |

Maybe they don't know what gerunds are...

Can Social Workers Be Competent? And Other Conundrums Arising from Charles Murray’s…

Aug 14, 2008 by Peter Wood |

Charles Murray asserts that the degree should be replaced by the CPA-like certification. NAS executive director Peter Wood comments on Murray's suggestion and indicates possible flaws in the scheme.

Business-as-Usual Bureaucrats Picnic with “I-Despise-America” Ideologues

Jun 17, 2008 by Glenn Ricketts, Peter Wood |

How state social work boards responded to "The Scandal of Social Work Education." So far.

Coercing the Conscience: New Examples of the Reign of Intolerance in Schools of Social…

Jun 06, 2008 by Glenn Ricketts |

We're seeing more of the scandal of social work iceberg. Two students' case have come to light, showing once again how social work programs disregard students' personal convictions.


May 21, 2008 by Ashley Thorne |

A blogger aims to subvert NASW and social work ideologues.

Update on Bill Felkner: Rhode Island College Bias-Revelers Evacuate

May 16, 2008 by Ashley Thorne |

Bill Felkner was a graduate social work student at Rhode Island College who never received his diploma – not for flunking out or committing any criminal or inappropriate act, but for holding views contrary to those of RIC’s…

REPORTS FROM THE ACADEMY: Social Work Agonistes (Preview from Academic Questions)

May 07, 2008 by David Stoesz |

CSWE and social work education's romance with identity politics.

The “I-Revel-in-My-Biases” School of Social Work—And What It Does…

Feb 21, 2008 by Ashley Thorne |

William Felkner's story


Feb 20, 2008 by |

On 11 February 2008, NAS President Steve Balch sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to draw attention to unconstitutional practices within the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), the sole…

Student Newspapers Invited to Delve into Social Work Story

Feb 19, 2008 by |

NAS has opened communication with student newspapers at the universities studied in the report The Scandal of Social Work Education. NAS urges student journalists…

Letter to Department of Health and Human Services

Feb 11, 2008 by Steve Balch |

PDF/Adobe Acrobat

The Social Work Story Develops

Nov 02, 2007 by |

Key National Group Will Not Discuss NAS Social Work Report

Student Investigates Social Work at Syracuse

Oct 16, 2007 by |

Caroline Mojonnier, a student at Syracuse University, was moved by the NAS report to pursue some investigative journalism. She attended a session of SWK 326, "Persons in Social Contexts," a course in Syracuse University's School…

Collateral Damage in Social Work

Oct 16, 2007 by |

The release of NAS’s report, The Scandal of Social Work Education, has prompted follow-up reporting in the press and some reflection by a former student.

The Scandal of Social Work Education

Sep 11, 2007 Barry Latzer |

A study of politicization in social work education.

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