Standardized Tests

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NAS Embraces Classical Alternative to the PSAT

Jan 20, 2017 by NAS |

Classic Learning Initiatives has developed a new alternative to the PSAT, rolling out the Classic Learning Test 9 (CLT 9) and Classic Learning Test 10 (CLT 10).

Reclaiming Intellectual Freedom with a New Alternative to the SAT

Dec 05, 2016 by Jeremy Tate |

The Classic Learning Test is the SAT's new rival.

Keep the SAT Essay

Feb 01, 2016 by Madison Iszler |

Perhaps the most unfortunate change to the new SAT is that the essay is now optional.

Outlaw Literacy

Nov 03, 2015 by Peter Wood |

Detroit's schools barely produce more educationally proficient students than they do juvenile delinquents.

PARCC Results Mean Nothing

Sep 24, 2015 by Sandra Stotsky |

NAS board member Sandra Stotsky explains how Common Core-based tests fail to produce intelligible results.

APUSH and Speaking in Educational Code

Dec 02, 2014 by KC Johnson |

Brooklyn College historian KC Johnson finds the new AP history standards heavy on skills, light on content.

Look What the College Board Has Done to U.S. History

Jul 07, 2014 by Peter Wood |

Peter Wood comments on the College Board's release of its new AP U.S. History curriculum.

The New AP History: A Preliminary Report

Jul 01, 2014 by Peter Wood |

In this preliminary report, NAS president Peter Wood analyzes in detail the new AP United States history course.

The SAT Upgrade Is a Big Mistake

Mar 12, 2014 by Peter Wood |

In an attempt to advance "social justice," the College Board has once again revised the SAT.

Time Out On Extra Test Time

Jun 26, 2012 by Glenn Ricketts |

A Dartmouth undergrad thinks his extra test time gave him an unfair advantage over high school classmates.

Ask a Scholar: Current Racial Score Gap Stats

Jan 25, 2012 by Stephan Thernstrom |

Is the data about racial achievement gaps in the book No Excuses still true today?

It’s Not the Test’s Fault

Dec 27, 2011 by Kate Hamilton |

Should academe leave the SAT behind? Kate Hamilton examines the current state of the test-optional admissions movement.

Maybe the SAT Isn’t So Bad After All

Nov 02, 2011 by George Leef |

In his recent book Uneducated Guesses, Howard Wainer finds that when schools go "test optional," the students who decide not to report their scores will be academically weaker ones. 

Global Warming Activist Teacher Takes Her Agenda to Truck Country

Aug 19, 2011 by Kyle Olson |

The left doesn't like teaching to standardized tests because it leaves no time for teaching activism.

Admissions Insanity

Aug 03, 2011 by John C. Chalberg |

Historian John C. Chalberg reviews Andrew Ferguson's Crazy U, and concludes that the title has some merit.

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