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Victory in Texas, State School Boards at Work, and the Campus Free Speech Caucus

Click to read the seventh issue of Resolute, our new Civics Alliance newsletter informing you about the most urgent issues in civics education.

The ‘Action Civics’ Bait-and-Switch

While advocates lament our lack of civic knowledge, a key tool they fund would do nothing to address the problem.

Issue Brief: The C3 Framework

A review of the National Council for the Social Studies’ "College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards."

Video: 1815: The Miracle at New Orleans

Watch as Donald Hickey, Brian Kilmeade, and Joseph F. Stoltz discuss the myths and truths of the War of 1812's most known engagement, The Battle of New Orleans.

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Anthropology: From Pursuing Science to Endorsing Genocidal Terrorists

Editor's Note: This article originally stated that the Six-Day War occurred in 1968, and that the Yom Kippur war occurred in 1972. These dates have been corrected to 1967 and 1973, respectively.......

Neither Top-Down nor Bottom-Up

You want your classroom and your campus each to be a place of open and free inquiry and, thereby, a place of open and free critical discussion. You also want each to be a place of civility and a place......


Shifting Sands: Report I

Shifting Sands: Unsound Science and Unsafe Regulation examines how irreproducible science affects select areas of government policy and regulation governed by different federal agencies. This fir......

Skewed History

Skewed History: Textbook Coverage of Early America and the New Deal is a review and critique of five textbooks’ coverage of four historical periods: The European Settlement of North America......

Climbing Down

America’s most popular science curriculum, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), fails students. This report details how the popular curriculum omits basic tenets of science, including t......

Priced Out

As more Americans attend college, costs rise, and more students fail to graduate, we ask, "why?" Priced Out details the spending habits of 50 universities across America and provides......


June 22, 2021

ED Celebrates Pride Month with New Interpretation of Title IX

The Biden administration is on a dangerous path with Title IX, one that will only lead to rampant injustice for students, professors, and administrators alike....

June 15, 2021

Florida Turns Up the Heat on Foreign Influence

Last week, Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law a pair of bills targeting malign foreign influence in Florida higher education—House Bill 7017 and House Bill 1523....

June 8, 2021

The Federal Student Loan System is to Blame for the Debt Crisis

How a program intended to increase educational access has hurt American students....


Scapegoating 101

NAS opposes the recent actions of several law schools that have disciplined faculty members for having pointed to the below average academic performance of minority students.

ED and DOS Issue Urgent Warning About Chinese Influence in American Schools

NAS commends the Education and State Depts. for issuing two joint letters urging American education leaders to investigate possible Chinese government influence in their schools.

Press Releases

New Report Recommends Overhaul of EPA Regulatory Methodology

Shifting Sands examines the consequences of irreproducible science on government policy and regulation. The first report of Shifting Sands focuses on PM2.5 Regulation and irreproducible research......

Biden Nominee for the Office of Civil Rights Could Reverse Devos’ Due Process Reforms

Lhamon is most known for her involvement with the infamous 2011 Dear Colleague Letter, which transformed Title IX from a civil rights law into a quasi-criminal matter.


Event: Fighting for Academic Freedom in America, Canada, and Britain

Join the National Association of Scholars on Thursday, June 17th, at 2 pm ET for a webinar event as we speak with leaders in the fight for academic freedom from the United States, Canada, an......

1815: The Miracle at New Orleans

Join NAS and our commentators, Donald Hickey, Brian Kilmeade, and Joseph F. Stoltz, on June 22nd at 2 pm ET as we discuss the final battle of the War of 1812.