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DEI Comes to Legal Education

How the American Bar Association's proposed accreditation standards would force law schools to engage in illegal discrimination.

Three Pledges to Combat CRT and Action Civics in American Education

To equip American citizens to effect true change in their schools, NAS has created three pledges: one for school board candidates, one for state office candidates, and one for voters.

Civics Showdown in Texas, NEA Endorses CRT, and New Resources Galore

Click to read the ninth issue of Resolute, our new Civics Alliance newsletter informing you about the most urgent issues in civics education.

NAS Opposes the ABA’s Woke Standards for Law Schools

The American Bar Association would like the nation’s already-radicalized law schools to become even more so. We must step up and challenge this.

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Transnational Education is a Double-Edged Sword

Editor's Note: This article was written by a professor who wishes to remain anonymous. I am a Latin American professor teaching at a university in the Gulf region. Many universities in Gulf cou......

Classical Schools Designed to Produce Well-Rounded Citizens

Editor's Note: This article was originally published by RealClearEducation on July 21, 2021 and is crossposted here with permission. According to entrepreneur and philanthropist Robert L. Luddy,......


Shifting Sands: Report I

Shifting Sands: Unsound Science and Unsafe Regulation examines how irreproducible science affects select areas of government policy and regulation governed by different federal agencies. This fir......

Skewed History

Skewed History: Textbook Coverage of Early America and the New Deal is a review and critique of five textbooks’ coverage of four historical periods: The European Settlement of North America......

Climbing Down

America’s most popular science curriculum, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), fails students. This report details how the popular curriculum omits basic tenets of science, including t......

Priced Out

As more Americans attend college, costs rise, and more students fail to graduate, we ask, "why?" Priced Out details the spending habits of 50 universities across America and provides......


July 27, 2021

DEI Comes to Legal Education

How the American Bar Association's proposed accreditation standards would force law schools to engage in illegal discrimination....

July 20, 2021

Remove Negotiated Rulemaking from Foreign Disclosure Law

HEA reform may be coming, but it has one major problem....

July 13, 2021

$300,000 for an M.F.A. in Film—Why Not?

A new Wall Street Journal article exposes America’s broken student debt system—what can be done?...


Scapegoating 101

NAS opposes the recent actions of several law schools that have disciplined faculty members for having pointed to the below average academic performance of minority students.

ED and DOS Issue Urgent Warning About Chinese Influence in American Schools

NAS commends the Education and State Depts. for issuing two joint letters urging American education leaders to investigate possible Chinese government influence in their schools.

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New Report Recommends Overhaul of EPA Regulatory Methodology

Shifting Sands examines the consequences of irreproducible science on government policy and regulation. The first report of Shifting Sands focuses on PM2.5 Regulation and irreproducible research......

Biden Nominee for the Office of Civil Rights Could Reverse Devos’ Due Process Reforms

Lhamon is most known for her involvement with the infamous 2011 Dear Colleague Letter, which transformed Title IX from a civil rights law into a quasi-criminal matter.


Event: A Dubious Expediency

Join NAS on Friday, July 16th at 2 pm ET for a discussion on the effects of racial preferences in higher education. 

Video: 1820

What is the legacy of the Missouri Compromise? Watch our webinar as John Craig Hammond, Jeffrey Pasley, Paul Finkelman discuss.