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The Academic's Roadmap

By all means, pursue your noble dream of improving the condition of humanity through your research and teaching. Could I do it all again, I would, but I would do things very differently

The Case of the Anguished Airman

There are only two good reasons for attending graduate school: (1) getting a degree prerequisite to a teaching career, and (2) having nothing better to do. 

VIDEO: Is Sex Binary?

Listen in on this riveting conversation prior to the second MIT Great Debate.

VIDEO: Constitution Week Lesson Plans

Listen in as the Civics Alliance launches their newest high school initiative to further the preservation of liberty. 

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Progressive Overreach and the Procrustes Impulse

Many philosophers, social thinkers, legislators, and those delirious with power have proposed ways to fix the human condition. Societies themselves have often been organized, often by custom as well a......

Top of Mind: Standardized Tests

Author's Note: This excerpt is from my weekly "Top of Mind" email, sent to subscribers every Thursday. For more content like this and to receive the full newsletter each week, sign up on Minding the C......


Curriculum of Liberty

In this report, we propose the Curriculum of Liberty, in the spirit of NAS’s principles, which will educate American college students toward freedom, the pursuit of truth, and virtuous citizensh......

Disowned Yankees

This study explores the history of Americans' birthright of liberty. We teach our children social studies, above all history and civics, so they can know what liberty is, where Amer......

Diversity Statement, Then Dossier

In this report, we seek to explain the phenomenon of DEI cluster hiring, demonstrate its widespread practice throughout academia, and highlight the dangers of the practice. Ultimately, DEI cluster hir......

Shifting Sands: Report III

Shifting Sands: Confounded Errors focuses on failures by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to consider empirical evidence avail......


April 9, 2024

Florida Restricts Foreign Researchers

Florida’s new law on researchers from hostile countries is unfortunately needed for national security....

April 2, 2024

In Pursuit of Liberty

A new report by David Randall offers a path back to excellence for higher education....

March 26, 2024

The FAFSA Fiasco

FAFSA delays hurt college admissions rates as government is not held responsible....


Can Florida Ban Chinese Academics from University Employment?

We applaud the efforts of Florida lawmakers to address malign foreign influence on college campuses and the accompanying national security risks. But lawmakers must be narrow and precise when imposing......

Indiana Senate Bill 202 Reforms DEI Policy

Senate Bill 202 is a good first step for removing authoritarian “diversity, equity, and inclusion” policies from Indiana’s public universities. We urge Indiana’s citizens and p......

Press Releases

Press Release: Constitution Week Lesson Plans

To make the informed decisions the ballot requires, it is imperative that our high schools graduate students with a strong understanding of their Constitution. These Constitution Week lesson plans see......

Press Release: Going, Going, Gone

After a short and tumultuous term as president of Harvard University, Claudine Gay has officially tendered her resignation amid her mishandling of anti-Semitism on campus and allegations of plagi......


Event: Constitution Week Lesson Plans

Join us for the launch of the Civics Alliance's newest high school initiative to further the preservation of liberty.

Event: China's Soft Power Strategy: Influence in American Education

Updated Event Date: How has China's strategy of soft power in education shifted since the tarnishing of its brand in the form of Confucius Institutes, and since COVID-19 more broadly?