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Walter E. Williams: What I've Learned About Teaching Well

In remembrance of a great economist and professor, we republish Prof. Williams' essay of advice to any future educator who wants to teach well.

Cracking Down on Illegal Ties to China

UPDATED 12/01/20: We’re tracking American professors, higher ed administrators, students, and government researchers who have been investigated or charged for illegal ties to China.

COVID-19 Spurs Rule by Bureaucracy

Higher ed administrators have kept busy lining their own pockets at the expense of faculty, students, and “non-essential” staff at all levels of the university.

University Administrators’ Pandemic Power Grab

Universities are taking advantage of the pandemic to "hollow out the middle," that is, to defenestrate full-time and tenured faculty from their positions of influence in the university.

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Farewell to Affirmative Action?

After a long and contentious journey from Bakke, it appears that we have come to a fork in the road on affirmative action (inevitably recalling Yogi Berra’s famous advice: When You Come to a Fork in t...

Virginia Attorney General’s Office: Selective Admissions Are Racist

The Virginia attorney general's office has ruled that the Loudoun County school system committed illegal racial discrimination by admitting fairly few black and Hispanic students to its selective scho...


Disfigured History

Disfigured History: How the College Board Demolishes the Past details the careless, politicized history in the College Board's revisions of the Advanced Placement (AP) European, United States, and...

Dear Colleague

Dear Colleague explains how sexual assault came to be a form of sex discrimination and surveys the regulatory path that Title IX administrators took to make this word-play a reality. This report also...

Corrupting the College Board

In exchange for generous Chinese government funding, the College Board has given China strategic access to American K-12 education. Since at least 2003, the College Board has sponsored Confucius Insti...

Critical Care

The coronavirus pandemic has inflicted enormous financial damage on colleges and universities and the cost is still growing. American higher education will undergo an unprecedented financial crisis in...


December 1, 2020

COVID-19 Spurs Rule by Bureaucracy

Higher ed administrators have kept busy lining their own pockets at the expense of faculty, students, and “non-essential” staff at all levels of the university....

November 24, 2020

NAS Publishes New Report, "Disfigured History"

In this comprehensive study, NAS Director of Research David Randall analyzes how the College Board severely mishandles U.S., European, and modern world history through its AP courses an...

November 17, 2020

Circuit Court Upholds Race Preferences in Admissions

The First Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of Harvard's admissions practices, claiming that there is "no error" in them....


ED and DOS Issue Urgent Warning About Chinese Influence in American Schools

NAS commends the Education and State Depts. for issuing two joint letters urging American education leaders to investigate possible Chinese government influence in their schools.

Trump Orders No Federal Funding for CRT and Stereotyping

Last month, the president took two key actions affecting higher ed: a memorandum tackling Critical Race Theory and Executive Order 13950.

Press Releases

California Votes to Keep Ban on Race and Sex Discrimination

Proposition 16 has failed to pass in California, ensuring that the state cannot legally discriminate or grant preferential treatment to people based on race, ethnicity, national origin, or sex.

Report Finds Title IX Offices are Sex Monitors, not Education Monitors

Title IX, the federal law banning sex discrimination at schools receiving federal funds, has been weaponized by campus administrators and is now used to persecute students accused of sexual misconduct...


Event: Becoming a Citizen

How do the College Board's new AP exams  distort and politicize history? What can be done about it? Join us on Wednesday, November 18th, at 2 pm ET. 

Mapping Higher Education's Future After the Election

How can American higher education best pursue the American national interest? What does that challenge look like in the wake of 2020? Join us for a webinar on November 12th to find out.