Partner With Us

The National Association of Scholars upholds the standards of a liberal arts education that fosters intellectual freedom, searches for the truth, and promotes virtuous citizenship.

The National Association of Scholars is looking for partners. We can't do this on our own, so we depend on the support and action of members, the public, and partner organization. 

Do you want to partner with us?

Get involved with your state affiliate. These organizations are local branches of the National Association of Scholars and provide local opportunities to connect with likeminded individuals and get involved. Many host their own speakers series and events.

Write for us. We publish a quarterly journal called Academic Questions. We also publish blogs, op-eds, journal articles, and book reviews in Articles, our online commentary. We need authors and are always looking for diverse opinions and conversation on interesting topics. 

Blow the whistle. Sometimes more is needed than a letter to the president. Occasionally our members have uncovered institutional abuses in which campus administrations are complicit. In such situations, our state affiliates can play a crucial role in alerting the public, the media, and state authorities. Mobilizing against a campus establishment is best done with allies. Through your NAS affiliate, you can take on problems that might otherwise look insurmountable. A good example was the battle at the University of Delaware over its coercive indoctrination program in its residence halls. Members of our Delaware affiliate broke the story and helped bring the program to an end. 

Encourage others to join the National Association of Scholars. Membership in the NAS is open to all who desire the reform of higher education and are in alignment with our stated principles

Sponsor us. The National Association of Scholars hosts two national conferences each year and many events in between. These events bring together members, policymakers, and the public to discuss rising issues in American higher education. Read our event page for upcoming sponsorship opportunities.