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July 2, 2020

Francis Fukuyama’s God That Failed

Mytheos Holt

Fukuyama brazenly declared an “End of History” in the 1990s only to be trounced on September 11, 2001 when civilizations clashed.

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July 2, 2020

In Humans, Sex is Binary and Immutable

Georgi K. Marinov

The idea that there are more than two sexes in human beings is a rejection of everything biological science has taught us. Unbelievably, this idea is coming directly from within the highest ranks of a...

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July 2, 2020

The 1619 Project: Believe Your Lying Eyes

Seth Forman

Make no mistake. Like the “Russian collusion” narrative that preceded it, The 1619 Project is driven by presidential politics.

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March 26, 2011


Islamic Schools and American Civic Culture

This article on the growing influence of Islam on American charter schools appeared in the "Islam in Scholarship and Education" issue of Academic Questions (vol. 24, no. 1)...

July 2, 2020


Howard Zinn: The Debunker Debunked

In an attempt to rid our school systems of biased history books, Mary Grabar has confronted the “agitated-prof” Howard Zinn and his book A People’s History of the United St...

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May 30, 2018


The Case for Colonialism

From the summer issue of Academic Questions, we reprint the controversial article, "The Case for Colonialism." ...

March 29, 2019


Homogenous: The Political Affiliations of Elite Liberal Arts College Faculty

A study on the partisanship of liberal arts professors at America's top universities. ...

March 29, 2017


The Pseudo-Science of Microaggressions

In the Spring 2017 Academic Questions (vol. 30, no. 1), Althea Nagai debates the credibility of microaggressions, suggesting that higher education has blindly accepted their d...