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The National Association of Scholars upholds the standards of a liberal arts education that fosters intellectual freedom, searches for the truth, and promotes virtuous citizenship.

The National Association of Scholars seeks to stimulate national discussion of important aspects of higher education that are frequently overlooked. Our websites get thousands of reads each day and we welcome members’ contributions that meet our editorial guidelines and standards.

If you are interested in publishing an article for our quarterly journal, Academic Questions, please review our submission guidelines below. For submissions to Minding the Campus (mindingthecampus.org), please review these guidelines.

NAS also publishes a lively quarterly journal, Academic Questions. Most of the issues of Academic Questions focus on a single theme and are planned for nearly a year in advance. We do, however, accept some over-the-transom submissions. Please send submissions for Academic Questions to [email protected].


Writing Guidelines for Academic Questions.


Editorial Purpose: 

What are the central principles of academic life? What are the obligations of the university? How can they be preserved in an era of mass access and politicized higher education? How can we most fruitfully improve the quality of teaching and scholarship and remain open to a plurality of voices and contending views? Can higher education revitalize the disciplined pursuit of knowledge? How do we recenter liberal education on the enduring questions of the human condition and once again prepare students for civilized living and civic responsibility?

These are some of the academic questions behind the title of this journal. Academic Questions seeks to restore the intellectual conditions in which these questions can be seriously asked, and their answers weighed on their merits. We believe we can best advance the traditions of humanism and intellectual freedom by remaining open to good arguments and solid evidence wherever it may be found. Academic Questions is above all the journal where scholars are invited to speak freely about the academy itself.

Submission Guidelines: Authors should follow the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition (University of Chicago Press). Submissions should be double-spaced in 12-point type. Pages should be numbered. Please provide a publishing history for each article, noting earlier versions or substantial passages that have appeared electronically or in print. Simultaneous submissions and reprints are discouraged. Submission by email attachment is strongly preferred but print copies and USB flash drives are acceptable. Please send email submissions to the Managing Editor at [email protected]. Hard copy manuscripts should be sent via the U.S. Post Office in duplicate to

Managing Editor, Academic Questions/National Association of Scholars
420 Madison Avenue, 7th Floor
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