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Constitution Day on Campus—A Thing of the Past?

Many of America’s elite universities virtually ignore the holiday, violating federal law.

How Colleges Forget the Constitution

A survey of Constitution Day events at America's colleges and universities.

The Meaning of Constitution Day

The story of America is the story of a proud people with a boundless desire to leave for their posterity a more just and free society. This is the inheritance of all Americans.

The Next Test for Texas, Aztec Gods, and More School Board Battles

Do Aztec prayers belong in K-12 schools? Click to read the latest issue of Resolute, where we break down the latest developments in K-12 civics education.

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1776 Unites Curriculum Highlights the American Character

Editor's Note: This article was originally published by RealClearWire on September 17, 2021 and is crossposted here with permission. Teachers looking for a history and civics curriculum that fo......

In Defense of Liberal Culture

Kabul’s rapid collapse upon the withdrawal of U.S. troops teaches us at least two things about culture. Firstly, different cultures undergird vastly different forms of government. After 20 years of di......


Shifting Sands: Report I

Shifting Sands: Unsound Science and Unsafe Regulation examines how irreproducible science affects select areas of government policy and regulation governed by different federal agencies. This fir......

Skewed History

Skewed History: Textbook Coverage of Early America and the New Deal is a review and critique of five textbooks’ coverage of four historical periods: The European Settlement of North America......

Climbing Down

America’s most popular science curriculum, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), fails students. This report details how the popular curriculum omits basic tenets of science, including t......

Priced Out

As more Americans attend college, costs rise, and more students fail to graduate, we ask, "why?" Priced Out details the spending habits of 50 universities across America and provides......


September 21, 2021

Constitution Day on Campus—A Thing of the Past?

Many of America’s elite universities virtually ignore the holiday, violating federal law....

September 14, 2021

Leaving Academia by Choice—A New Path for the Canceled?

The voluntary resignation of Dr. Peter Boghossian may set a new trend for heterodox professors....

September 7, 2021

To Combat the New Title IX, 20 States File Suit

The group, led by Tennessee, alleges that ED’s new interpretation of Title IX “runs afoul of federal law, regulatory processes, and the Constitution.”...


Scapegoating 101

NAS opposes the recent actions of several law schools that have disciplined faculty members for having pointed to the below average academic performance of minority students.

ED and DOS Issue Urgent Warning About Chinese Influence in American Schools

NAS commends the Education and State Depts. for issuing two joint letters urging American education leaders to investigate possible Chinese government influence in their schools.

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Take This Job and Shove It

PSU Board of Trustees must investigate the resignation of Dr. Peter Boghossian.

New Report Recommends Overhaul of EPA Regulatory Methodology

Shifting Sands examines the consequences of irreproducible science on government policy and regulation. The first report of Shifting Sands focuses on PM2.5 Regulation and irreproducible research......


Event: A Dubious Expediency

Join NAS on Friday, July 16th at 2 pm ET for a discussion on the effects of racial preferences in higher education. 

Video: 1820

What is the legacy of the Missouri Compromise? Watch our webinar as John Craig Hammond, Jeffrey Pasley, Paul Finkelman discuss.