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Video: DEI and the Politicization of the U.S. Intelligence Community

Listen in as John Gentry and NAS staff discuss the performance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in America's intelligence agencies.

UNC Board Moves to Prohibit Compelled Speech

A UNC Board resolution seeks to restrict the school's use of compelled speech in the form of "diversity statements," which often act as political litmus tests.

AP African American Studies Should Teach Black History, Not Activism

The College Board's African American Studies should redesign its course to teach black history, not advocate arbitrary political activism.

Bipartisanship Can Build and Destroy Reforms

States around the nation have started to consider establishing independent centers in their public universities, where genuine, politically pluralist scholarship and teaching can thrive.

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The Next Step in Florida’s Education Revamp

The normal give and take of democratic deliberation between citizens, while not always achieved in practice, has been the benchmark in American political culture over the course of our nation’s histor......

Faculty-Packing at Ohio State

The Ohio State University is currently seeking a professor of “Philosophy of Race,” an area of expertise that includes “the epistemological significance of race or racism” and “race in the philosophy......


Comprehensive Restructuring

This study of the University of Texas at Austin surveys the most influential policies enacted on campus in the name of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

Ideological Intensification

This report documents and quantifies the growing prevalence of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) associated language in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields in the Unit......


America’s Middle East Studies Centers were originally founded to study the politics, culture, and language of Middle Eastern nations. But our analyses and case studies demonstrate that Middle Ea......

Outsourced to Qatar

This case study reveals how Qatar uses partnerships with American universities to advance its own interests and values. In partnering with Qatar, American universities have invested substantial t......


January 24, 2023

Diminishing Returns of Grant-Based Science

Disruptive science is on the decline, are flush coffers to blame?...

January 17, 2023

Dreaming of a Free Degree

Biden's proposed income-driven repayment plan would turn student loans into delayed grants....

January 10, 2023

The Death of Academic Freedom at Hamline University

The controversy over Islamic art at Hamline University marks the not-so-quiet death of academic freedom at yet another American institution of higher education....


NAS Condemns the Attacks against Jordan Peterson

The National Association of Scholars condemns the unrelenting illiberal attacks being levied against Dr. Peterson and against anyone who dares push back against the enemies of intellectual freedom.

Statement and Recommendations on the Revised Virginia Social Studies Standards

The National Association of Scholars and the Civics Alliance provide further suggestions to improve the revised draft of the Virginia Social Studies Standards.

Press Releases

Rhode Island’s Social Studies Standards Fail Students, Report Finds

A new report provides a detailed critique of Rhode Island's Social Studies Standards (2023), which fail to achieve the fundamental goals of American soical studies education.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Hangs Its Hat in Texas

A new report details how diversity, equity, and inclusion has gained influence over vast areas of life at the University of Texas at Austin.


Event: DEI and the Politicization of the U.S. Intelligence Community

Listen in as we discuss the effect of DEI in the U.S. intelligence community.

Launch Event: Ideological Intensification in STEM

Join us Friday, December 9, at 3 pm ET for the launch event of our new report Ideological Intensification: A Quantitative Study of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in STEM Subjects at Americ......