Campus SHI Learns Improved Ways To Find ‘Em Guilty

Jul 23, 2012 |  Glenn Ricketts

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Campus SHI Learns Improved Ways To Find ‘Em Guilty

Jul 23, 2012 | 

Glenn Ricketts

Never, never, never assume that we’ve reached the final limits of campus sexual misconduct regulations and the ways in which they can be further stacked against the accused [read: men]  The Sexual Harassment Industry (SHI) is always hard at work, spurred on even more fervently by last year’s “Dear Colleague” letter from the US Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR). Now they’re about to receive another booster of ideological adrenalin. 

As I learned from this piece by KC Johnson over at Minding the Campus, there’s now a professional organization, the Association of Title IX Administrators, that’s hosting an expensive four-day shindig down in Florida, where attendees will learn how to secure guilty verdicts that will stick. in campus sexual misconduct proceedings. Example: don’t allow appeals to senior administrators, especially the president.  They might just turn out to be softies who will overturn the finding against the accused.

Add this, and no doubt many other neat tricks,  to the existing sexual misconduct codes in place in most academic institutions, already heavily weighted against the accused, with examining tribunals usually staffed by activist faculty members and administrators. And as KC notes, there are apparently no sessions scheduled where the procedural rights of the accused will be examined. 

My advice? Better hope that you don’t get accused of sexual harassment.



| July 23, 2012 - 4:04 PM

I know a small business owner who installed CCTV cameras in his office specifically to protect against accusations of sexual assault that might come from anyone he meets with in private.

If I was a professor and thought I could get away with it, I’d probably do the same thing. I can imagine a student getting angry about a grade, talking with me in my office with the door closed, then accusing me of something I never did to get back at me.  With idiotic policies like this, a recording of the encounter is the only defense.