NAS Receives Bulldog Award

Nov 02, 2017 |  NAS

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NAS Receives Bulldog Award

Nov 02, 2017 | 


The National Association of Scholars is surprised and delighted to receive the Michelle Malkin Investigates Bulldog Award.  The surprise is that we had no inkling we were under consideration for the award. The delight is that is our efforts to advance academic freedom are being recognized in the national media and by so distinguished a journalist as Michelle Malkin. 

We also take some pleasure in the award itself: a bronze bulldog with a Churchillian glare facing down the enemies of the republic. 

The award came with kudos for our work in promoting the freedom of ideas and debate on the nation’s college campuses. And we do take pride in calling out the authoritarian left for the readiness with which it subverts individual liberty and intellectual inquiry in its relentless pursuit of power. We hope to have some of that bulldog’s tenacity in our defense of faculty members, students, and outside speakers who have been sidelined, silenced, or worse by the campus left.

 In accepting the Bulldog Award, we commit ourselves to investigate harder still. We're looking into neo-segregation on campus, the influence of Saudi-funded Islamic centers, the effects of the reproducibility crisis on campus, and we're defending everyone who comes to us for help. Like famous bulldogs of old, we will stand against all comers.

Image Credit: Dion J. Pierre.

Fred E. Friedel

| November 16, 2017 - 2:28 AM

Congratulations on your receipt of the aptly named Bulldog award.I stand in awe of your energy and tenacity in what so often appears a loosing cause.
I make copies of various NAS reports and disseminate them to as many interested souls as I can find. The response has been positive. The two names I most often hear from people who were not yet born when these men were alive are Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower. It seems that somebody, somewhere, is still teaching history.