OAS Releases Statement on Proposed “Cultural Competency” Training

Jun 07, 2017 |  Glenn Ricketts

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OAS Releases Statement on Proposed “Cultural Competency” Training

Jun 07, 2017 | 

Glenn Ricketts

The Oregon Association of Scholars yesterday released this critique of a bill currently under consideration by the state legislature that would impose mandatory training in “cultural competence” for all faculty members in Oregon’s public colleges and universities:


OAS president Dr. Bruce Gilley, a political science professor at Portland State University, characterized House Bill 2864 as” the latest evidence of the deeply illiberal turn in public education in Oregon.” He noted that HB 2864, if enacted, would pose a serious threat to academic freedom, intellectual inquiry, and freedom of speech.  In addition, the proposed measure would impose heavy new administrative costs and drive up student tuitions.  So far, proposed amendments to safeguard free speech and control new costs have been rejected.

Kudos to Professor Gilley and the OAS for their resolute defense of genuine liberal education and academic freedom.  Hopefully Oregon’s taxpayers will also see what’s at stake in this ominous proposal.

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| June 09, 2017 - 5:59 PM

“A new state law that forces Oregon universities and colleges to impose ‘cultural competency’
training on faculty will drive up tuition costs, undermine educational goals, and stifle debate on
campus, the Oregon Association of Scholars said today.”

That’s the statement’s first sentence, and nearly an irrelevancy. Those three complaints are true and bad but small compared to the large big complaint: compulsory Mao-style “reeducation” of the faculty: mandatory opinion, or at least mandatory submission to ever-changing state-contractor’s left-wing opinion-molding. Only in the second paragraph the statement begins to treat that horror in muted tones and pastel colors.