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Ashley Thorne

Our forthcoming issue of Academic Questions themed on Sustainability will be printed next month, but we’d like to whet your appetite with a preview. Our publisher Springer has provided free access to one article from the issue. The article, “Corroding the Curriculum: Sustainability v. Education,” by Austin Williams, shows how the pervasive influence of the sustainability agenda in UK and U.S. education has degraded academic standards. Williams writes: 

Through the prism of sustainability, educationalists can once again envisage changing the world, not by creating a knowledgeable, critically-engaged generation of enlightened subjects, but by an objectified generation taught to regurgitate pious claims to eco-salvation. 

NAS has pre-published on our website another article from this AQ issue, “The Roots of Sustainability,” by Glenn Ricketts.  

On the Road to Equal Rights,” a piece by Ward Connerly in our issue on the Future of Racial Preferences, is also free, as is the entire issue on Liberal Education and the Family. Enjoy! 

All of our journal articles are listed here at Members can access all content by logging in (see instructions). To read more Academic Questions articles and to receive printed copies of the journal, it’s easiest and most cost-effective to become an NAS member

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