Free Online Access to Academic Questions

Kate Hamilton

From now until December 31, 2011, online publisher SpringerLink is offering free electronic access to Academic Questions, the official journal of NAS.

Academic QuestionsAcademic Questions takes advantage of the best scholarly analysis to explore the vices, as well as the virtues, of the contemporary university. A journal dedicated to strengthening the integrity of scholarship and teaching, Academic Questions examines issues that arise from the interplay among politics, ideology, scholarship, and teaching in higher education.

Among the questions explored in the journal are the maintenance of scholarly standards, the quality and even-handedness of peer review, the preservation of intellectual tolerance and civility on campus and within academic associations, and the relationship between government and education. A critique of the academy by academics themselves, Academic Questions upholds the traditions of humanism and intellectual freedom.

To view the Fall 2011 edition (Vol. 24, No. 3) on the "Higher Education Bubble," as well as to catch up on previously published articles, click here. The Spring 2010 edition on Sustainability (Vol. 23, No. 1) would also be an excellent place to begin if you are new to Academic Questions and NAS.

A subscription to Academic Questions is included with NAS membership. If you enjoy viewing Academic Questions during this free trial period it may be time for you to join NAS, and we would love to have you!  NAS also offers subscriptions to Academic Questions for non members and queries reguarding this option can be sent to Wanda Cooley, NAS Operations Director, at [email protected].

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