Ideas for Higher Education

Ashley Thorne

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a special report, "College, Reinvented," in which fifteen reporters each offer an idea for improving higher education. They range from ending 12th grade in favor of early education to charging departments for building space and utilities. Robin Wilson proposes a two-track system for faculty members: a small number would be tenure-track, PhD-earning, graduate-student-training researchers, and most would be undergraduate instructors who need only a master's degree. Dan Barrett suggests colleges return to an old-fashioned idea and require writing. Becky Supiano urges colleges to post the "four-year net price" for education, to give prospective students a true picture of what they must pay.

At NAS, we like to see creative thinking about how to make the most of higher education. Our 25th anniversary issue of our journal Academic Questions will present 100 ideas for higher education reform. Stay tuned!

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