“Drowning in Gravity Waves”

Donald M. Hassler

Drowning in Gravity Waves

“direct evidence of gravitational waves…”

—Dennis Overbye, “Gravitational Waves Detected,

Confirming Einstein’s Theory,” New York Times,

2/12/2016, two days after David G. Hartwell obituary

Three ugly thoughts invade my head tonight

From space. Neglected cold on Pluto, hot

Explosive bursts of black holes a billion light

Years out, and Hartwell’s early death. Though not

Enough to transform ugliness to gold,

These images hold alchemy that make

Me fight it out in rhyming lines this cold

Winter night, plus a sadness that is not fake.

Earth images resolve the problem, though.

They say those Pluto hills are like the Rockies

Only steeper ice. My friend excelled at his show,

And gravity arises from local seas.

With that the headache’s gone. My friend is free

In his awarded grave. The holes make history.

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