Wild, Wild Nights!

Bruce Bawer

“Amherst College . . . now faces a lawsuit brought by a student who makes a compelling case that he was wrongfully expelled . . . The facts revolve around a drunken hookup between two students and the woman’s subsequent efforts at covering up her more than willing participation by blaming the male student and accusing him of assault. Amherst’s administration was equally complicit, however, pronouncing the man guilty on flimsy and incomplete evidence, then refusing to reconsider once evidence that the woman had fabricated her story came to light.”

—George Leef, Forbes

Wild nights–Wild nights!

Were I with thee

Wild nights should be

Our luxury!

But should I awaken

Awash in shame

I’d flee the dorm

And I’d howl your name

To the Provost, the Dean,

The whole admin crowd—

And I’d howl it long

And I’d howl it loud

And I’d weep and wail

And I’d kick and shout

‘Til they Title IX’d

Your tuchis out.

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