A Letter to the Editors

Peter Wood

The following is a letter to the editors of The New York Times, sent May 7, 2019.

To the Editors:

In "Medieval Scholars Joust With White Nationalists. And One Another." (arts article, May 5), Jennifer Schuessler fails to mention the National Association of Scholars' open letter in support of Rachel Fulton Brown, which received more than 1,000 signatures, many from eminent scholars. That letter affirmed that Rachel Fulton Brown has been calumnied.  

The attack on Fulton Brown's character was a stunt aimed at winning attention for the flimsy idea that medieval studies should focus on something other than medieval Europe. In no sense is Fulton Brown a white nationalist. Groundless accusations of this sort, unfortunately, are polluting many academic fields, where conjuring claims of racism out of thin air has become a short-cut to national attention.

Peter Wood, President
National Association of Scholars
New York, NY

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