An Open Call for Reviewers


The Department of Education is seeking reviewers to read and score grant applications. Chosen reviewers will receive an honorarium. The Department of Education is seeking people with relevant expertise in the following areas:

Free Speech

Expertise or experience in protecting free speech in order to allow for the discussion of diverse ideas or viewpoints.

Economic Literacy and Financial Literacy

Expertise or experience in: supporting instruction in personal financial literacy, knowledge of markets and economics, knowledge of higher education financing and repayment (e.g., college savings and student loans), or other skills aimed at building personal financial understanding and responsibility.

Civic Literacy

Expertise or experience in fostering knowledge of the common rights and responsibilities of American citizenship and civic participation, such as through civics education.

Members of the National Association of Scholars are encouraged to apply. For more information please read the FAQ or email [email protected]

Photo: Seal of the Department of Education // Public Domain

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