Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts

We present our regular review of selected student journalists and editors.  For today, they take a look at US-China relations, popular culture, state gun laws and high school sex education programs. 

1)      An NFL fan explains to readers of The Dartmouth why the league needs to add four more wild-card slots for the playoffs.

2)      At the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, the editors of the Crimson White take pointed exception to some remarks of the state’s new governor Robert Bentley, following his inauguration.

3)      The state of Utah needn’t ban guns altogether, but a columnist for the Daily Utah Chronicle thinks the eligibility requirements for owning them need to be tightened up.

4)      Sanitizing history for the sake of PC may stem from noble motives, says a writer for The Daily at the University of Washington, but there’s no sense in pretending that the past was something different than it was.

5)      While mutual respect and tolerance among the world’s religions is something we can all endorse, an op ed regular for South Carolina’s Daily Gamecock thinks that Christianity gets a raw deal from secular elites.

6)      A film critic for the Daily Nebraskan weighs the impact of popular culture on student attitudes and opinions.

7)      An international relations analyst for USC’s Daily Trojan urges Congress to tone down the criticism of China and consider what’s at stake in American relations with that country.

8)      Despite a few occasional blemishes, a columnist for the GW Hatchet thinks that Greek life is largely beneficial and asks critics to reconsider.

9)      A writer on the Emory Wheel’s political beat sees Sarah Palin’s political prospects going nowhere.

10)  Ratemyprofessors doesn’t get a very high rating from a regular for the Connecticut College Voice.

11)  Colleges and Universities need to be more attentive to students’ mental health, says an opinion columnist for the Daily Illini. Doing so might just prevent future tragedies such as the recent one in Tucson, Arizona.

12)  The editorial board of the Indiana Daily Student offer suggestions for improving sex-ed curricula at the high school level.  

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