Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts

We present our weekly review of selected student journalists and editors.  Although it’s summertime, many of them are on the job. This week, they speculate about the World Series, dissent from campus smoking bans, marvel at the fascination of Harry Potter and applaud a recent Supreme Court decision.

  1.  A former editor of the Cornell Daily Sun offers some reflections on her college years for her class’s fifth year reunion.
  2. An editorial editor for the Syracuse Daily Orange writes about her exotic experiences of forbidden night life during her summer internship in Beirut.
  3. Global citizenship is the reality of the future, says a writer for The Chronicle at Duke, and he explores the implications of that development for higher education.
  4. A cultural critic for the UT/Austin Daily Texan explores his fascination with the Harry Potter books and movies, and how they’ve captured his imagination.
  5. A pair of sports writers for the Daily Utah Chronicle use the occasion of baseball’s All Star break to make forecasts of likely World Series opponents.
  6. The director of the Veterans Administration needs to stop censoring prayers at the funerals of service personnel, fumes an op ed writer for The Gamecock at the U of South Carolina.
  7. As preparations for the annual class reunions accelerated in May, a present-day sophomore reflected in the Princetonian on the contrast between his own class and those of Princeton’s past.
  8. A cartoonist for the Indiana Daily Student apparently thinks the public need education about the US Constitution.
  9. The Supreme Court’s recent decision overturning A California ban on the sale of “violent” video games to anyone under 18 was the right one, says a game enthusiast for the LSU Reveille. The First Amendment should have priority over opportunistic politicians looking for cheap political hay.
  10.  With the University of Michigan’s smoking ban just recently in effect, a columnist for the Michigan Daily thinks it’s wrong to micromanage students’ individual choices. Respondents argue heatedly to the contrary.
  11. Although he thinks PBS documentaries are usually pretty solid, a political commentator for the Minnesota Daily thinks it’s important to remember that they don’t always get all of the facts right.
  12. If you’re serious about addressing climate change, then a CO2 tax should make sense to you, says a regular for The Dartmouth.
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