Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts

We present our weekly review of selected student columnists and opinion writers. This week, they hold forth on the rude behavior of many female undergraduates, what not to ask on a college application form, how to stimulate the economy and airline fashion fetishists.

  1. The Monday columnist for PSU’s Daily Collegian is appalled by the vulgar incivility she observes among college girls, and demands that they cut it out.
  2. Although his own fraternity membership at Ole Miss was beneficial in many ways, an op ed writer for the Daily Mississippian is troubled by the racial separatism that permeated the recruitment process behind closed doors.
  3. The editors of the Minnesota Daily Online really like a new proposal in Congress that aims to stimulate the economy by forgiving student loan debts.
  4. At the same time, a counterpart at MIT’s The Tech thinks that we can save a bundle by ending the tax exemption for employer-based health care plans.
  5. An editorial writer for the U of Missouri/Saint Louis Current complains that airline flight attendants are becoming fashion fascists.
  6. His social life at Princeton is strictly his own business, says a writer for The Princetonian, and he wishes the university’s president would stop busting on Greek life.
  7. After using a catchy title to hook his readers, a columnist for CSU’s Rocky Mountain Collegian discusses the unanticipated limitations of instantaneous internet searches.
  8. Should a college application form include a question about the applicant’s LGBT status? No, says a regular for the U of I’s Daily Illini, because, in the name of “diversity” it would actually compartmentalize students to an even greater degree than the admissions process already does.
  9. The state of the world economy is pretty unnerving at the moment, notes an analyst for The Emory Wheel, which means that the West’s perpetual anxiety is hardly surprising.
  10. A guest columnist for the Tulane Hullabaloo explains why she was glad to remember the 9/11 attacks from abroad rather than at home.
  11. While he’s all for putting better food in the Williams College cafeteria, an avowed vegen still thinks that dietary activists should use persuasion, rather than coercion to make their case, especially since they don’t always get it right.
  12. The editors of the Indiana Daily Student offer two contrasting views of the California based Solyndra firm’s financial collapse: it’s not the end of green jobs and energy alternatives; the Obama administration should never have taken such an obvious risk in the first place.
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