Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts

We present our weekly review of selected student columnists and opinion writers. In today’s selection, editorialists and op ed writers argue that the Occupy Wall street movement isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, note why smart students needn’t be ashamed of themselves, suggest that campus “diversity” can be exceedingly difficulty to realize and ponder the candidacy of a pizza executive who may become president.

  1. Co-authors writing in the Middlebury Campus argue that Occupy Wall Street won’t succeed as a “peoples’” movement for the simple reason that it isn’t what it claims to be: the protestors are quite well-fed and have plenty of leisure time for staging sit-ins
  2. Writing in the UCLA Daily Bruin, a campus Democrat urges his party to stop dissing their GOP opponents as simple-minded yahoos and primitives. It’s intellectually sloppy and can lead to complacency.
  3. Following President Obama’s announcement that US troops would be leaving Iraq, a political scientist for the CSU Rocky Mountain Collegian wonders what they were doing there to begin with.
  4. The editors of the Emory Wheel explain why they think the choice of Spike Lee is especially fortunate for this year’s State of Race address on campus.
  5. Undergraduates at the University of Chicago are admirably intellectual, and a staffer for the Maroon wishes that they’d stop feeling ashamed of it.
  6. Although Tufts University tirelessly, relentlessly, obsessively emphasizes “diversity” in the composition of its undergraduate student body, a columnist for The Observer finds very little community among various ethnic and racial groups. They don’t really intermingle at all.
  7. At the same time, a freshman from Belfast tells readers of the Daily Princetonian how difficult and slow such intermingling can be, at least where he comes from.
  8. A writer for the Daily Nebraskan assess the UN/Lincoln’s response to the needs of transgendered students and offers further suggestions as well.
  9. An op ed regular for U of Miami/Ohio’s Student extols the exceptional qualities of the American Indian leader Tecumseh, and wonders if his like could be elected President in 2012.
  10. Noting the truly impressive strides women have made in recent decades, a columnist for the Indiana Daily Student wants to know why a culture of nasty incivility seems to be growing among her female peers.
  11. While the editors of the University of Maryland’s Diamondback like President Obama’s proposals for easing student loan repayment requirements, they argue that students themselves need to spend their money more selectively.
  12. A political analyst for the UT/Austin Daily Texan isn’t sure what to make of the sudden surge of former pizza executive and current GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain.
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