Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts

We present our regular review of selected student journalists and editors.  For this edition, student writers analyze the turmoil in Egypt, travel in Mexico, disinvited keynote speakers and dubious remedies for the obesity epidemic. 

  1. A columnist for The Sophian at Smith College hates, hates Valentine’s Day, and offers some alternatives for V day.
  2. By contrast, a colleague at Virginia Tech’s Collegiate Times decides to assess the role of love in contemporary American society.
  3. Mutual respect between students and their professors is certainly desirable, say the editors of the Brown Daily Herald, but occasional distractions need to be handled with more restraint than a recent incident at Cornell displayed.
  4. A political analyst for the Indiana Daily Student concludes that the current upheaval in Egypt may or may not be a replay previous historical episodes in the Middle East. History and politics, he concludes, are intertwined, but not necessarily identical.
  5. The editors of the Oklahoma Daily don’t shrink from biting the bullet however, and offer their readers “the truth” about Egypt.
  6. Given the current state of the world, the editors of the Maine Campus seem to think that the state’s legislature could probably find a more momentous issue to address than the designation of an official state pie.
  7. A writer for the University of Oregon’s Daily Emerald thinks that a state proposal to authorize a regular police force on campus is a very bad idea.
  8. Following her experience with a work/study business internship, a columnist for the Nevada Sagebrush is suddenly in no hurry to graduate.
  9. It’s too bad that Bristol Palin was disinvited as keynote speaker for the WU St. Louis annual Sex Responsibility Week, says an op ed staffer for Student Life. There would have been an overflow crowd, and probably quite a discussion.
  10. A commentator for Lehigh University’s Brown and White really enjoys the Super Bowl, but still thinks that we need to step back a bit, and take some perspective.
  11. A semester break in Mexico was exhilarating, but unexpectedly dangerous, says a returning traveler in The Minnesota Daily.  Be careful if you go, he advises readers.
  12. There may be a national obesity problem, but the editors of The New Hampshire don't think that banning Ronald McDonald is the way to combat it.
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