Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts

We present our regular review of selected student journalists and editors.  In this week’s edition, they assess the mettle of 2012 presidential hopefuls, obstinate global warming deniers, America’s bad image in the Middle East and the significance of Valentine’s Day. 

  1. A columnist for The Daily Pennsylvanian thinks that diversity at U of P won’t work unless students consciously try to make it happen.
  2. The editor of The Spectator at the University of Seattle thinks that undergrads are really stressed out these days, and offers some advice on how to become less hyper.
  3. Indiana governor Mitch Daniels has the right stuff to run for president in 2012, says a regular for the Yale Daily News.
  4. A writer for the University of Houston’s Daily Cougar thinks that the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board made the right decision by declining to allow students to indicate their sexual orientation on the state’s college application forms.
  5. Be careful about laughing at dorks and nerds, says one such in Penn State’s Daily Collegian. Chances are that you’ll be working for them someday.
  6. Valentine’s Day affords an opportunity to evaluate the evolving landscape of romance and relationships, and a writer for UCLA’s Daily Bruin offers his own thoughts.
  7. We may be enduring a severe winter, but a columnist for the University Daily Kansan doesn’t think it bolsters the claims of global-warming deniers, who often have ulterior motives.
  8. Why is the United States so reviled in so many parts of the world, especially the Middle East? A political analyst in the UA’s Crimson White offers some thoughts.
  9. Back from a summer journey which took him to sites of fierce Balkan conflicts, a traveler attempts to convey his sobering impressions to readers of The Williams Record.
  10. The relationship between the Constitution, its framers and slavery was a bit more complicated than Representative Michele Bachmann seems to believe, says an op ed writer in the Johns-Hopkins Newsletter.  He offers a corrective history lesson in response.
  11. It’s a good a idea to mandate teaching high school students about the US constitutional system, says a columnist for the Utah Daily Chronicle. But we need to recognize that our present situation is vastly different than the one in 1789, and the new program should reflect that reality.
  12. A writer for SIU’s Daily Egyptian salutes a Ukrainian feminist group, who really have a knack for getting the public’s attention.
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