Collegiate Press Roundup 7-21-10

Glenn Ricketts

We present our regular sampling of student journalists and editors, who are staying on the job through the summer. This week’s potpourri includes commentary on the Maryland governor’s race, the relevance of classics to contemporary social problems, online education as a cost effective alternative for cash-strapped state schools and the imprudent haste with which an adjunct professor of religious studies was sacked.

 1)      A participant in Dartmouth’s Summer Sophomore program unexpectedly finds a connection between contemporary social malaise and ancient wisdom she’s encountered in her reading during the term.

2)      The editors of the Daily Nebraskan applaud the selection of Lincoln as host city to the USA Special Olympics, and urge their readers to take the opportunity for setting a high standard in avoiding “hate speech.”

3)      A summer columnist for the University of Arizona’s Daily Wildcat views the federal lawsuit against his state in the context of an overly litigious ethos long present among Americans.

4)      A new features writer for the Stanford Daily Online responds to criticism of his inaugural column and offers some observations on conflicting intergenerational perceptions.

5)      An editorialist for the Independent Florida Alligator expresses disappointment that Florida supports Arizona’s controversial immigration law, which he alleges will cause racial profiling. Commenters weigh in, and take issue.

6)      A recent graduate of Emory University posts some thoughts on the LeBron James NBA controversy in the Emory Wheel.

7)      The editors of UC Berkeley’s Daily Californian think proposals to explore online education alternatives in response to the state’s ongoing budget cuts in higher education may provide an attractive solution. 

8)      An op-ed writer for UCLA’s Daily Bruin argues that legalization of same-sex marriage, while certainly salutary, would not eliminate discrimination against the LGBT community.

9)      The editors of the Indiana Daily Student wonder what members of the Business Roundtable were thinking when they decided to play ball with a “regulation happy” Congress in Washington.

10)  At the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, the editors of the Daily Illini believe that the university administration really blew it by summarily dismissing adjunct religious studies professor Kenneth Howell.

11)  Writing from her summer internship in Los Angeles, a columnist for KU’s Daily Kansan describes what a hard sell it is persuading Southern Californians that Kansas is actually pretty cool.

12)  As Maryland’s approaching gubernatorial contest heats up, the editors of The Diamondback at U of M advise incumbent Martin O’Malley to conduct his campaign with a bit more dignity.

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