CSU-Chico Announcement: Baby Steps to Sustainability

Ashley Thorne

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  • March 03, 2010

NAS takes an interest in the internal messages communicated on campus. One message we've noticed is a push to get students and employees to make small changes in their daily habits: to give up basic things like cafeteria trays, water pressure in showers, and soft toilet paper. Today we have a fresh illustration of this. Among the campus announcements for California State University at Chico yesterday was this one:

Sustainability Tip: Say no to Plastic Straws, Easily Save Resources Say no to plastic straws out at restaurants, at the coffee shop, and at the bars. Next time you order a drink with a takeout order, just say, “No straw please.” Or leave a wrapped straw on the counter when it’s given to you. Those little plastic things aren’t necessary to enjoy your beverage, are only used on average for fifteen minutes, but are then in the landfills for hundreds of years. Plus plastics have been found to leach harmful toxins into foods and beverages. Requesting “no straw” can be tough to remember at first, but it’s a worthwhile habit to develop.

Remember, being a good person means being a green person.

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