Disinviting Scholarship

An Open Letter Defending Free Inquiry at the U.S. Army War College

National Association of Scholars

Editor's note (Updated February 21, 2020): The National Association of Scholars invites scholars and members of the public to sign this petition in support of Raymond Ibrahim. Ibrahim was invited to speak at the United States Army War College (USAWC) as part of its 2019 Perspectives in Military History Lecture Series. USAWC, however, has "postponed" Ibrahim's appearance indefinitely after the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) complained that he is "biased." The "postponement" is, in fact, a disinvitation that reflects USAWC's eagerness to appease a group that claims to represent Muslim-American sensitivities. Capitulating to CAIR by censoring Ibrahim is not in the educational interests of America's present and future military leaders.

The USAWC has created a dangerous precedent for institutions of military education. The National Association of Scholars has petitioned the White House to call on the USAWC to reverse its decision, and to set up procedures to prevent such disinvitations in the future. In the letter below we lay out our reasoning and our resolutions. If you agree with these, we urge you to sign. We will not be adding future signatures to the bottom of the post, but your signature will be added to the total number.

The Letter:

Respectfully yours,
All Undersigned

Below is the full list of 3925 signatories submitted to the White House on Monday, July 8th, 2019.

The number of signatories is 5349 as of February 21, 2020.


Jay Bergman, Central Connecticut State University

Brian Sirman, Boston University

Patrick Coby, Smith College

Jan H. Blitz, University of Delaware (Emeritus)

Luigi Bradizza, Salve Regina University

Richard Sparks, Mt. St. Joseph University

Guy Bunyard, Howard Community College

David Musher, New York University

James M. Donovan, Pennsylvania State Mont Alto

Carnes Lord, US Naval War College

Stan Liebowitz, University of Texas

Eric Gans, University of California Los Angeles (Emeritus)

Howard Schwartz, Oakland University

Daniel Subotnik, Touro Law School

Anthony F. McGann, University of Wyoming (Emeritus)

George W. Dent, Jr., Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Marcus Sheffield, Southern Adventist University

Douglas Sears, Boston University

Timothy Burns, Baylor University

Malcolm Sherman, University at Albany SUNY

Fred Baumann, Kenyon College

Alvin J. Schmidt, Illinois College

J. Michael Bailey, Northwestern University

Rachel Fulton Brown, University of Chicago

John Gist, Western New Mexico University

Carol Tharp, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Matthew Hickey, Colorado State University

Stanley J. Vitton, Michigan Technological University

Robert L. Tomsak, Wayne State University

Abigail Rosenthal, Brooklyn College CUNY

Harvey Mansfield, Harvard University

Jim A. Kuypers, Virginia Tech

Celeste Barber, Santa Barbara City College

Paul Humphreys, University of Virginia

W. Michael Cox, University of Mississippi

Philip Carl Salzman, McGill University

David Layman, York College of Pennsylvania

Bernhardt Trout, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Henry Watkin, The New School

Michael Spivey, University of Puget Sound

Peter Suedfeld, The University of British Columbia

Robert Stalder, Coahoma Community College

Arthur L. Gardner, Graceland University (retired)

Maarten Van Swaay, Kansas State University

W. Lee Hansen, University of Wisconsin Madison

Malcolm Allen, University of Wisconsin Fox Valley

Bruce Heiden, Ohio State University

Brendan Nagle, University of Southern California

Richard Sypher, Hofstra University (retired)

Patricia R. Bart, Hillsdale College

Robert Paquette, The Alexander Hamilton Institute

Dennis Hale, Boston College

Michael Kort, Boston University

Jonathan Katz, Washington University St. Louis

David R. Legates, University of Delaware

Michael Bennett, Curry College

George Hagedorn, Virginia Tech

Paul Rahe, Hillsdale College

Thomas Morrison, Otterbein University (Emeritus)

Stephen Rhoads, University of Virginia

LTC Joseph Andritzky, Concordia University Wisconsin (Emeritus), US Army (retired)

Christina Jeffrey, US Allegiance Institute

Keith Whitaker, Wise Counsel Research

Loretta Breuning, California State University East Bay

Barry Latzer, John Jay College of Criminal Justice CUNY

Kursat Pekgoz, University of Southern California

Mark Sperling, Icahn School of Medicine New York

Alexander V. Marriott, Alvin Community College

Max Hocutt, University of Alabama (retired)

Mary Grabar, The Alexander Hamilton Institute

W. Douglas McMillin, Louisiana State University (Emeritus)

Michael Kellman, University of Oregon

Lester Brickman, Cardozo Law School (Emeritus)

Stanley G. Payne, University of Wisconsin Madison

John Haynes, Library of Congress (retired)

Keith Stanovich (University of Toronto)

Earl Kennedy, Hope College

Neil A. Kurtzman, Texas Tech University

Heinz Klatt, King's University College

Roy Barkley, University of Texas Austin

Richard Fonte, Austin Community College

Burton Weiss, Stockton University

LCDR Demetrius Cox, United States Navy (retired)

Joseph Olson, Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Michael Burlingame, University of Illinois Springfield

Steven Condly, United States Military Academy at West Point

Linda Frey, University of Montana

Eric Schmaltz, Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Col. Edwin L. Whitman, United States Air Force Reserve(retired)

John Beahrs, Oregon Health and Science University

Gordon E. Finley, Florida International University (Emeritus)

Gerald Gillespie, Stanford University

Joseph M. Bessett, Claremont McKenna College

Donald Gochberg, Michigan State University (Emeritus)

David Bradshaw, University of Kentucky

Cpt. John Sweeney, United States Army

Larry Alexander, University of San Diego School of Law

Sylvia Wasson, Santa Rosa Junior College

Allen Martin, University of Texas Tyler (Emeritus)

George Glauberman, University of Chicago

James Hood, Midway University

Jerry Glenn, University of Cincinnati

LTC Frank Andritzky, Concordia University Chicago (Emeritus), US Army (retired)

Stanley Trimble, University of California Los Angeles (Emeritus)

Wayne Morris, University of North Georgia

William Lewis Keuchler, Jr., University of Nevada Reno

Hyman W. Fisher, Mt. Sinai College of Medicine

Edward Alexander, University of Washington

Stuart Hurlbert, San Diego State University

Vicki Menuge, Concordia University Wisconsin

Frank Wiswall, International Maritime Law Institute

Ardel B. Caneday, University of Northwestern St. Paul

Mark Press, Touro College

Ralph Westfall, California State Polytechnic University Pomona (Emeritus)

Miriam Elman, Syracuse University

Alfred Townsend, Old Dominion University (Emeritus)

John J. Laukaitis, North Park University

Warren Treadgold, Saint Louis University

Donald Connelly, US Army Command and General Staff College (Emeritus)

Stephen Burns, US Naval Academy (retired)

Walter Schumm, Kansas State University

David Sweet, University of Dallas

Robert Utley, Wake Forest University

Paul Cantor, University of Virginia

Jaigobin Shivcharran, College of Mount Saint Vincent

J.R. Hall, University of Mississippi (retired)

David Ayers, Grove City College

Col. Ronald H. Averill, US Army

Thomas Pangle, University of Texas Austin

George Bennett, Millikin University

Kimberly Brancato, Westchester Community College

Nelson Ong, The College of New Rochelle

Jay Joel Farber, Franklin & Marshall College (Emeritus)

Ian Maitland, University of Minnesota

Adam Candeub, Michigan State University

Neil Kressel, William Paterson University

William Porterfield, Hampden-Sydney College

Richard Vedder, Ohio University

Sharon Cregier, University of Prince Edward Island (retired)

LTC Patrick Swan, US Army

Norman Melchert, Virginia Commonwealth University

Rob Whitley, McGill University

Clifford H. Wagner, Pennsylvania State University (Emeritus)

Iddo Wernick, The Rockefeller University

Joseph Manson, University of California Los Angeles

Andrew Kern, CiRCE Institute

Daniel Palm, Azusa Pacific University

Joyce Malcolm, George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School

Mary Silinsky, US Army War College

Stephen G. Gilles, Quinnipiac University School of Law

Kevin Fernlund, University of Missouri St. Louis

Robert Hoffman, Ohio State University

John S. Sloan, Jr., Oakland Community College

Jane Johnson, Central Washington University (retired)

Jim Rogers, Louisiana State University Alexandria

William O'Brien, University of Baltimore (Emeritus)

Gary F. Birkenmeier, University of Louisiana Lafayette

Joyce Tarpley, Mountain View College

Kenneth Myers, Southern Wesleyan University

Scott Richard Lyons, University of Michigan

Claudio Cioffi-Revilla, George Mason University (Emeritus)

Kenneth McIntyre, Sam Houston State University

Charles Broncelet, University of Delaware

Col. Murray T. Peterson, US Army

Glen M. Ricketts, National Association of Scholars

Richard Phelps, Nonpartisan Education Group

William Grim, Humanities & Education Research Association

Maj. Peter Solstad, US Army

Eva J. Narber, Kansas City Kansas Community College

William Walter Brown, California State University Northridge

Gabriel Elgavish, University of Alabama Birmingham

Jascha Kessler, University of California Los Angeles

Charles Baird, California State University East Bay

Kenneth G. Elzinga, University of Virginia

Andrew Villalon, University of Cinncinati (Emeritus)

John Reagan, New Hampshire State Senate

Allen Schwenk, Western Michigan University (Emeritus)

Cpt. Carey Mitchell, US Army

Cargill Hall, Chief Historian National Reconaissance Office (Emeritus)

Bruce Thornton, Hoover Institution

Stephen H. Balch, Texas Tech University

Michael Kliegman, New York Law School

Janice Thorpe, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Ismini Lamb, Georgetown University

Robert King, University of Texas (Emeritus)

Arthur Blum, Point Park University (retired)

William Grosky, University of Michigan Dearborn

CDR Michael Hoskins, US Navy (retired)

LCDR Wiliam Scott, US Navy (retired)

Elizabeth Baklaich, St. Cloud Technical and Community College

Robert R. Reilly, Internation Policy Forum

Kevin Gutzman, Western Connecticut State University

Lawrence Okamura, University of Missouri (Emeritus)

Lee Tasey, Doane University

Timothy Furnish, Reinhardt University

Anthony Ragan, University of California Los Angeles

Bernard Strauss, University of Virginia

Terry Buss, University of Akron

Robert Craigen, University of Manitoba

Elizabeth Harmer Dionne, Wellesly College

William Mask, Reedley College

Carol Eikum, University of Northwestern St. Paul

Isabella Carrega, Bucknell University

Jim Hubbard, University of Southern California

Marcelo Santos, University of New Brunswick

Brandon Holst, Idaho State University

Michael Barton, Pennsylvania State University Harrisburg (Emeritus)

Michael Godfrey, Bellevue University

Col. William Garrison, US Army

Michael Markowski, Westminster College (retired)

Andrew C. Martin, Chuo University Department of Law

Ghassan Hanna, Alliant International University

Nicholas White, University of Michigan (Emeritus)

Phoebe S. Spinrad, Ohio State University (Emeritus)

Phyllis Chesler, College of Staten Island CUNY

Ron Nutter, Central Methodist University (retired)

LCDR John C. Murray, US Navy (retired)

Shulan Li, Ohio State University

Peter Bobko, Guilford College

James K. McCrary, College of Southern Maryland

Charles N. Steele, Hillsdale College

MSG Diane Caserta, US Army (retired)

Alexander Riley, Bucknell University

SMsgt John K. Cunningham, US Air Force (retired)

Michael Nash, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Mike Murray, Central Carolina Community College

Karen Hatfield, Morehead State University

Marc Daniel Templer, Charles University Prague

Chris Kokis, Southern Connecticut State University

CDR Keith Pelletier, US Coast Guard (retired)

David A. Briggs, Bucks County Community College

Marylee Kott, McGovern Medical School UT Health

Kurtis Morton, Kansas University

Guy J. Snedeker, Mowhawk Valley Community College

Col. Richard F. Brauer, Jr. US Air Force

Daniel Kennedy Oakland University

Steve Van Oostenbrugge, Concordia University Ann Arbor

David Gery, University of Washington, retired

Maj. Terence Zuber, US Army (retired)

Dean Dillard, Neosho County Community College

Mokhlis Y. Zaki, Northern Michigan University

Bill Blanken, Reedley College

Herbert McGuire, Gulf Coast State College (retired)

LTC Don Foster, US Army (retired)

R. Gregory Taylor, University of Delaware

Theodore Roosevelt, Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine

James Howell, University of Southern Indiana

J.D. Charles, Acton Institute

Daniel Pipes, Middle East Forum

CW-4 John Gray, US Army

LTC Clyde Picht, US Air Force (retired)

David Richardson, Madera Community College Center

Maj. Brian T. Hutchinson, US Army National Guard

CW-4 David Slyman, US Army (retired)

John Hansen, Air University

Christian Davis, University of Connecticut (Emeritus)

Walter Bradley, Texas A&M University (Emeritus)

David Crockett, Southwest Missouri State University (Emeritus)

Casey Connors, Pueblo Community College

David Carlin, Community College of Rhode Island

Karen Mizell, Utah Valley University

James R. Valadez, University of Redlands

John Kimmich, Georgia Highlands College

Stewart Adams, Northwestern University

Frederick Dechow, Missouri State University

Jascha Kessler, University of California Los Angeles

Joseph McElrath, Florida State University

Barton Lane, Stanford University

Col. Tommy Kelley, US Army (retired)

Col. John Black, US Air Force (retired)

Gary Frank, University of California Berkeley

Mark Wilensky, College of Staten Island CUNY (retired)

Kenneth Earl Harris, University of Texas San Antonio

Graeme Howarth, Bishopdale Theological College (retired)

Northrup Buechner, St. John's University

Paul J. Duffy, Johns Hopkins University (retired)

James Druley, Reedley College

Maj. Michael Bass, US Marine Corps (retired)

CDR Dean Woodard, US Navy (Retired)

Jill Pasteris, Washington University St. Louis

MSgt. Curtis L. Anderson, US Air Force

Daymon Johnson, Bakersfield College

Denis MacEoin, Newcastle University

LTC Dennis B. Haney, US Air Force (retired)

Thomas Rose, Wilfrid Laurier University

Jesse W. Childers Jr., Los Alamos National Laboratory

Judith Rood, Biola University (Emeritus)

Venelin I. Ganev, Miami University Ohio

George Gurguis, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

Olympia Gonzalez, Loyola University Chicago

Aaron Katcher, University of Pennsylvania

William Terrell, College of DuPage

James H. Nichols Jr., Claremont McKenna College

SFC Jon Siennick, USA, (Ret)

Ted Sherman, Middle Tennessee State University

Howard Isaacs, Hofstra University

Bradley Johnson, Americans for Intelligence Reform

LtCol. Charles Burks, US Marine Corps (retired)

Chris Eberle, US Naval Academy

James Condon, University of Virginia

Timothy McGuire, Texas A&M University

Christopher Hill, University of Tennessee Martin

Col. Rick McColl, US Air Force (retired)

Chas Clifton, Colorado State University Pueblo (retired)

MSgt. Michael Bryant, US Marine Corps (retired)

CW-4 Robert Boos (retired)

Jennifer Smith, Loras College

Col. Robert H. Simpson, US Army

LCDR Peter Goldman, US Navy

Cpt. Robert Rasmussen, US Navy (retired)

George Terrell, Virginia Tech

Danusha Goska, William Paterson University

Richard Orodenker, Temple University

K. W. Hipps, Washington State University

Erwin Epstein Loyola University Chicago (Emeritus)

Mitchell Langbert, Brooklyn College

Richard Buitron, Alamo Colleges

Mark Schiller, University of California San Francisco (retired)

Gregg Roman, Middle East Forum

Benjamin Baird, Middle East Forum

Col. Joe Stephans, US Air Force (retired)

John Ksyser, University of New Hampshire (emeritus)

Randall J. Buth Institute for Biblical Languages and Translation

Howard Ham, Texas A&M Kingsville (retired)

William Sjostrom, National University of Ireland Cork

Mervyn Roberts, Central Texas College

LCDR David Taylor, US Navy (retired)

William Oliver, University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Robert D. Peterson, Arizona State Univesity

Thomas Blackwell, Indiana University McKinney School of Law

CDR Paul Fink, US Navy (retired)

Maj. George Spencer, US Army

Peter Van Wirt, Stevens Institute of Technology

Col. John Rhoades, US Air Force (retired)

BG Richard M. Tabor, US Army (retired)

LTC Charles Stewart, US Army (retired)

William Wildey, Monroe Community College

LtCol. Chris Pastel, US Marine Corps (retired)

John Mumaw, Ohio State University

Marc Greendorfer, Zachor Legal Institute

Wray Johnson, Marine Corps University (retired)

William Eichinger, University of Iowa

Carl Scott, Utah Valley University

Richard Pious, Barnard College, Professor Emeritus

Rose Seidman, Northwestern University

David Preston, Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Richard W. England, University of New Hampshire (Emeritus)

Col. Richard Koethe, US Army (retired)

Col. Robert S. Riley, US Army (retired)

Harry Pellman, University of California, Irvine

David Cashin, Columbia International University

Alan Mond, Touro College & University

John M. Nomikos, Research Institute for European and American Studies

Daniel Kennedy, Oakland University

Charles Solomon, Columbia University

Robert M. Costrell, University of Arkansas Fayetteville

David M. Goldberg, University of Pennsylvania (retired)

Alan S. Rosenbaum, Cleveland State University (Emeritus)

Johann Riedler, Material Center Leoben

Col. Larry K. Huffman, US Army (retired)

Col. William J. Downey, US Air Force Reserve (retired)

David Bukay, University of Haifa

Jacob K., University of California Berkeley

John Hajjar, American Mideast Coalition for Democracy

Marilyn Kocin Zlotchew, SUNY Fredonia (retired)

Winfield Myers, Middle East Forum

Morton Mower, University of Colorado Denver

Jascha Kessler, University of California Los Angeles

Allen Kropf, Amherst College

Üllar Peterson, Tallinn University

Col. Rick Taylor, US Army (retired)

Bruce Link, British Columbia Institute of Technology

Carolina Di Tella, New York University

Ibn Warraq, Westminster Institute

Sol Shalit, University of Wisconsin

David Masters, Saint Thomas University

Michael Fine, Virginia Commonwealth University

Sydney Heyman, University of Pennsylvania (Emeritus)

Panagiotis Kikareas, Grand Canyon University

Stuart L. Meyer, Northwestern University

J. Paul de B. Taillon, Joint Special Operations University

Maj. Thomas Goerling, US Army (retired)

Dan Fendel, San Francisco State University (Emeritus)

Robert Penzer, Weill Cornell Medical College

Jacky Prucz, West Virginia University

LtCol. William Thurneck, US Air Force, University of Virginia (Emeritus)

David Goodblatt, University of California San Diego (Emeritus)

Adrian M. Mirvish, California State University Chico

Cpt. David Sullivan, US Navy Reserve (retired)

Richard Lindzen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dave Couric, Mountain View College

James Earl Lindsay, Colorado State University

Bruce Gans, University of Chicago

Robert Springer, University of Indianapolis

Jim Owen, Pennsylvania State University

Col. Thomas Snodgrass, US Air Force (retired)

Wendy Kaye, Yale University

Marianne Walters, McMaster university

Bryan Poulin, Lakehead University

Cpt. Jon M. Lewis, US Air Force Reserve (retired)

Jonathan Dick, Fresno Pacific University

John Naughton, Ford Foundation

Paul Rood, Biola University

Larry Yelowitz, University of California Irvine (retired)

Floyd Russak, Harvard University Medical School

Richard Switzer, Kenyon College (retired)

William Guy, Sonoma State University

Sally Dungan, Judson International School

Anne-Christine Hoff, Jarvis Christian College

Ramy Aziz, University of Rome

Sirajin Rollings-Kamara, Sierra Leone Parliament

George Nolly, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Petra Heldt, Jerusalem University College

Kenneth Liles, Baptist Bible College UK

Michael Hanni Morcos, New York University

Cristina Sirbu, Belfast Royal Academy

Maj. Robert Silver, US Air Force, (retired)

S. I. Hayek, Pennsylvania State University

CDR Thomas Little, US Navy (retired)

Donald Rose, Bryn Athyn College

Gary Bowser, National American University

Maj. Jeremy Stearns, US Army National Guard

Leslie Shaw, ESCP Europe Business School

Abha Shankar, Investigative Project on Terrorism

Elizabeth R. Flowers, Southern California Seminary (retired)

Selwyn Troen, Brandeis University

Col. James Shivers, US Army (retired)

Wagdy Loza, Queen's University Canada

Cpt. Brad Fry, US Merchant Marines

Lilian Estafanous, Queens university

Col. John E. Leuenberger II, US Air Force (retired)

Dave Petteys, Sea Jay Foundation

Clark Zlotchew, State University of New York SUNY (Emeritus)

Taffy Gould, Oceania University of Medicine

CSM Randall Hefner, US Army (retired)

John Tierney, Institute of World Politics

Leonard Marino, Stoney Brook University

Jeremiah Unterman, Herzl Institute

Nelson M. Wolf, Temple University Hospital (retired)

Melodie Rosenfeld, Talpiot College of Education

Gil Troy, McGill University

Jack Gilron, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Gary Schnellert, University of North Dakota

Clare M. Lopez, Center for Security Policy

Juliana Geran Pilon, Alexander Hamilton Institute

Barry Chaitin, University of California Irvine (emeritus)

Claire Friend, University of California Irvine

Andrew E. Harrod, Middle East Forum

LTC Karen McKay, US Army Reserve (retired)

Cpt. James Poe, US Navy (retired)

Ira Newborn, New York University

Stephane Lubicz, City College New York

CW-4 Steven Henslee, US Army (retired)

Kaare W. Strom, University of California San Diego

Fern Levitt, David Yellin Academic College of Education

Thomas Bertonneau, SUNY Oswego

SGM John H. Hall, US Army (retired)

Abigail L. Rosenthal, Brooklyn College of CUNY

William Bond, Bossier Parish Community College

Moss Stambler, Southern Connecticut State University (Emeritus)

CDR Mark Armstrong, US Navy (retired)

Joe DiPietro, Bowling Green State University

Alla Kan, Dartmouth College

Judy Rosen, CUNY Graduate Center, City University of New York

Frank J. Gaffney, Center for Security Policy

W.F. Smyth, McMaster University

LTC Allen B. West, US Army (retired)

David Potts, City College of San Francisco

Col. Richard D. Baranzini, US Air Force Reserve (retired)

Wayne Johnson, Minneapolis Community and Technical College

Paul M. Nachman, Montana State University

Phillip Hill, Phoenix University

LTC Charles Minter, US Air Force (retired)

Moshe Syrquin, University of Miami (Emeritus)

Jacob Kovalio, Carleton University

Robert Kaufman, Pepperdine University

Charlie Copeland, Intercollegiate Studies Institute

Maria Chang, University of Nevada Reno (Emeritus)

Milton E. Nathanson, City University of New York (Emeritus)

Lewis Toland, New Mexico Military Institute (Emeritus)

Andrew Harrod, Middle East Forum

Jeannene C. Forshee, Christian Resourse Center Library

LTC Michael Remias, US Army (retired)

A.J. Caschetta, Rochester Institute of Technology

David Rosenberg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (retired)

Luis Locay, University of Miami

Col. Bruce Lindblom, Colonel, USAF (retired)

Richard Noel Fell, Brandeis Univeristy

Joseph Santo, University of Pennsylvania

CDR Chris Oudekerk, US Navy (retired)

Jessie Jane Duff, London Center for Policy Research

Col. David W. Hause, US Army (retired)

Shawn Pollard, Arizona Western College

Aliza Rabinowitz, Fair Leigh Dickinson University

Clay Dunn, Central Piedmont Community College

Benjamin Wieder, City University of New York

Lucas Ebel

George Borkow

Allen Roth

Margaret King

Victor Austin

Paul Nelson

Adam Wildavsky

Thomas Farrell

John Fonte

Michael Malone

Bryan J. Van Deun

Thomas Harvey

Betty Peters

Mark G. Altomari

Leslie Rose

John D. Peebles

Herbert Appleman

Mark Abbott

Robert Osburn

George Seaver

Robert A. Weems

Ronald F. Lipp

Anthony NiCastro

Lanelle Samms

Richard Henry

Thomas Mann

Joel Margolis

Richard Louis Swallow

Dustin Lakatos

Matthew Nickerson

Thomas L. Noonan

Don Smith

Douglas Young

Anthony Scarpantonio

Louis Galie

Thomas Miller

Charles Scoville

H. Michael Biscan

Bill Williams

Peter Cohee

Roger Sack

William Race

Robert C. Thenhaus

H. Leon Bradlow

John R. Doner

Lani Kirsch

Suzanne Vinitzky

Murray E. Rudin

Gardiner Pearson

Barbara Bradley

William Meyers

Laura Strauch

William Cook

Gideon Rappaport

Roger Sack

Hymie Rubenstein

Sandy Rios

Harvey Sapolsky

Richard Donnelly

William F. Jones

James Budde

Jeremy Nussbaum

Helaine Smith

J. Michael Waller

Michael Kellman

Michael Harres

Pem Schaeffer

Walter K. Wood

Michael Engel

John Wermuth

Nicholas Barnet Gilliam

Arthur Katz

Dennis Saffran

Henry P. Wickham

Joe Schulman

Robert Michael

Elliott Bloom

Brian Van Camp

Harrison Sheld

Lee Coggin

Claudia Brown

Liah Greenfeld

Grant Schaumberg

Jeffrey White

Mark Cerri

Stephen R. Hildrich

Hillary Cunniff

William Brown

Joe Bettencourt

Wayne Boese

William L. Krayer

Ronald Stackler

Michele Klatt

Eva M. Garcia

Charles Kleinhenn

Wayne H. Williams

James Stewart

David B. Smart

Kirby Lehman

William Schlott

Leslie Enloe

Gary Craig

John Maguire

Richard R. Allen

Brant Bassett

Frederic M. Stiner

Robert Bradshaw

Charles E. Finley

Patrick Weyer

John Landow

Derry Eynon

Tom Vinson

Roger Barnett

Thomas Buckner

Richard White

Michelle Kamhi

James Robinson

Michael Karathanos

David Sutton

Judy Scardina

Rose Marie G. Fontana

Philp Ranlet

Ronald Quirk

Daniel T. Bilko

Dennis Duggan

Edward Funston

Paul Hooper

Bradley Alpert

William Poythress

Paul Hornbrook

Ronald Barndt

Thomas Lockhart

Fred Ehrlich

Charles Bower

David Ayers

Allen Zollman

Sharman Kleinhem

Nehama Bersohn

Nancy Einhorn

Pascal Klatt

Betty Berenson

David C. Bryant

Michael Marriam

Laura Wilper

DW Lane

Gary J. Bjorge

John Cuthbertson

Jim Linnehan

Warren D. Miller

Colleen C. Guerrero

Gail Finke

Reed Fawell III

Dave Seng

Lorin Burte

Gene Dattel

John Douglas Beatty

Edgar Weber

Sharon Caldwell

David Hecht

James Hamilton

Barry Demchak

Rabbi Russell McAlmond

Jane Kristof

Dan Worsham

Bill Gantt

John J. Halpin

Thomas Piotrowski

Gordon Hassing

James Holland

Anthony Benvin

Lewis E. Randall

Robert Street

Stephen Bohrer

Tom Horrell

Holly Ahern

Philip Terzian

Michael Meyers

Anne Krysiak

Durenda Hardy

Samuel Boucher

Angela McGinnis

Lydia Barcelo

Craig Klafter

Sydney Chase

Bruce Deitrick Price

Jonathan Kern

Rollin Meyer

Michael Larosis

Franklin Harvey

William Reeves

David Moreland

John Byrum

Robert Licht

Elisabeth Rhodes

Reuben P. Bell

David Ayres

Karen Richardson

J. Michael

Kerry Brown

William Huff

Karen Vorst

John S. Thomas

S. M. Hutchens

Tristam Hardy

Hugh O'Neill

Ted Beckham

Candace de Russy

Jeannine McDevitt

Joy Schneider

Robert Knisely

Alan Shilepsky

Jill Yolen

Donn Taylor

George Backus

Gail Parsons

Carl Bell

Terence Pell

Dorothy Payson

Mark Zucker

Carol H. Haynes

Fred Friedel

Richard A. Landes

Thomas Flowers

Bob Rybicki

Gregory Josefchuk

James Eng

James P. Hawkins

Daniel Hennessy

Nathan Huck

Marcia Sielaff

Nitsan Simon Gaibel

William Rinkes

Timothy Felegie

Bart Lago

Gregory Peter DuPont

Sharon Risch

Richard Pelham

Robert Guglielmetti

Laura Young

John Orchanian

Ricardo Lascorta

Michael Katz

William Dinwiddie

Melissa Justice

Shannon Brown

Kamal L. Ibrahim

David Gold

Glenn Cook

Anne Wayne

Gloria Z. Greenfield

Deborah Steinmetz

Jim Murphy

Paul Ross

C. Madsen

R.W. MacNeil

Richard Arms

Bryan Tetzloff

Thecla Ross

Margaret Starry

David Borchardt

Kristy Lonestar

Carolyn Foust

John Farris

Edgar Fletcher

Marsha Gill

Lawarence Wynja

David Summers

Hezi Aris

John Palmer

Francis Earley

Catherine O'Halloran

Rachelle Rossini

Brian Neal Kovach

Alex Ahn

Debbie Vest

Lorraine Weiner

Johan Sala

Richard Jordan

Michael Goss

Stephen Kirby

Stephen J. Balog

Luiz Silva

Mark Anderson

Seaborn Hall

Ingrid Farrell

Julie Campagna

John Parks

Jan Devereaux

Bob Chambers

Sarah Karns

Dana Pope

Andrew Connors

Jeffrey Sams

Francis X. Meaney

Jim Moravec

Brian Anderson

Ralph Sidway

John Baker

Ruth Steyn

Ann Marie Thro

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Judith Di Ponio

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MSgt. James Brister, US Army

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Chuck Fowler

Maudie N. Mandeville

Thomas Treloar, Hillsdale College

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Fridolin Kathan

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Eleanore Keenan

Jerry Stander

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David Perry

Jon Robbins

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Linda Maple

David Cavena

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Carol Curtis

Howard Katzoff

Herbert Bard

David Kotman

June Mangini

Conrad Nadell

Kevin Jones

Michael H. Jung

Carol Tizes

Oscar Bober

Kent Larson

Russell Langford

Jack Penkin

Michael Silver

Mordecai Bluth

Gary Lawson

Craig Armstrong

Thea Thompson

Gary D. Froiland

Thomas Jones

Maureen Kapsric

Char Owen

Mary Ellen Gosman

Terence Winter

Joan Pernicano

Alla Zeide

Fran Austin

Hilary Luttinger

Juliet Haun

Wesley Jaeger

Charles Smith

Michael Bayless

Glenn Brooks

Ali Seagar

Per Harbo

Charles G. Rose

Michael Chenkin

Lauren Hermann

Paul Fadow

Jim McGregor

Daniel R. Hagemeister

Francois Krodel

Richard H. Senturia

Nathanne Gitt

Barbara Graham

Sima Skarica

Patsy Odom

Rick Zwelling

Ariel Grunberg

Preston Ripplinger

Floyd Claywell

Grace Kelly

Chris Palmer

Ann Hilburn

David Krusemark

Ellen Lerner

Sandra Sullivan

Ginni Thomas

Michael Kler

Rebecca Ibrahim

Arlene TenBerge

Patrick Henry O’Neill

Juel Bressie

Rex Powell

Linda Myers

Leslie A. Cruz

Richard Scheiner

Craig Finley

Robert Lewit

Gideon LaPushin

Patricia Moulton

Judith Warner

William Huber

Lisa T. Logan

Steve M. Logan

Mary T. Kafka

Martin Slimak

C.J. Widman

Sheldon Turrill

Jane Lewit

Irwin Flack

David John Wendt

Patricia Jane Soha

Susan Smith

Jacqueline Reckseit

Stephen Kessman

Carole Linder

Marcelo Messer

Eve Bieber

Laurence Goldstein

Jose Carnevale

Patrick Byrne

Shelly Esterley

Kathleen Burson

Steve Gilbert

Debbie Friedman

Clyde Friedman

Moira Malley

Leon Kolankiewicz

Lena Jacobson

Tabitha Korol

Tom Porter

Bernard Austin

Michael A. Maldonado

Elissa Maldonado

Pradeep Sharma

Phillip Feldman

William Layer

Wes De Vries

Ginnie Curran

Ira J. Kasper M.D.

Patricia Murphy

Neil Goodman

Arthur Furman

Laura Mackey

Rachel Pence

Angeni Marque

Priscilla Harris

Simina Farcasiu

Nor Meyer

Marie Perkins

George Rasley

Ray Coyne

Lawrence Rupp

Michael Iseman

Ruth Friedman

Jan Warfel

Tim De Bruin

Raymond Mares

Frank Sweigart

John Jeffery

Heather Cerone

Bryan Hermansdorfer

Joe Martory

Ferdinand Dugan

Leonard Getz

Michael Feldman

Dale Ehrgott

Carolyn Hart

Roy Porter

William Beahan

Ernie Smoake

Doug Soifer

Zach Lang

Todd Petersen

Tabitha Korol

N. Willard Schwarz

Tom Clark

Peter Levy

Rita Wiese

Steve Saaf

Susan Mikolajczak

Edward Cline

Leonard Berg

Michael Jevnager

Yoram Danan

Semyon Bilmes

Vincent Alzola

Jeffrey K. Vest

Alysia Macchia

Aebe Mac Gill

Alfred W. Allman

Charles Brockway

Philip T. Charon

Loisirene Blumberg

Jay Brimstin

Carol Eldredge

Samuel N. Montgomery

Ray Christo

Becky Gerritson

Howard Johnson

Hunter Matthews

Carol Flatto

Robert Zalkan

Edward Fidelman

Mireille Mechoullam

Christine n. Queiroli

Andrew Ori

William Bogle

Jeff Cowan

Hazel Vranesich

Cortney Howard

Gregory Wickline

D. Farquhar

Karen Adrlasr

Al Winick

Barbara Winick

Lois Weiner

Brian Carter

Gilbert Figueroa

Michael Kramer

Barbara Asarch

James Simpson

Daniel Hilty

Dennis Goodman

Glenn Showalter

Robert Plapp

Anna Syrquin

Rex V. Darling Jr.

Mark A. Gooding

Steve Jolivette

Lance Ribeiro

Claude Rizk

Matthew Padgett

Michelle Booth

Tabitha Korol

Thomas Coplin

Larry Leistikow

Guy Crawford

M. Patton Williams

Jeff Lipkes

Henry Kerr

Carl Suvanto

Jimmy Tinnin

Randy M. Taliaferro

Michael Pecken

Y. Silberman

R. Silberman

Deborah Finkelstein

Kate Zink

Ann Rein

Lisa Elliott

Joann Fetgatter

Randy Moore

Leonardo Bacchi

Robert Levins

Steve Schomer

Thomas Hughes

Oran McLemore

Gerald R. Harp

Rick K.

Charles Roscoe

Wendy Rappleye

Donald Wesley Nuzum

Dr. Clement Momah

Karen Tongate

Joan Allen

Jerry Allison

Susan Mohr

Sheree Rethi

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A Portrait of Claireve Grandjouan

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The Academic's Roadmap

By all means, pursue your noble dream of improving the condition of humanity through your research and teaching. Could I do it all again, I would, but I would do things very differently....

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