Fall 2010 Highlights from NAS

It’s December! In case you missed us this fall, here are the 20 top articles from NAS in September, October, and November.



Will You Promote Diversity? Virginia Tech Tests Faculty Candidates’ Commitment
September 01, 2010 By Peter Wood and Ashley Thorne 
A major public university fashioned a “diversity” litmus test for faculty hiring

Constitutionalizing “Academic Freedom,” Deconstitutionalizing Free Speech
September 07, 2010 By Steve Balch 
One of the dangers of bringing academic freedom under judicial authority is that doing so threatens First Amendment rights on campus. 

The Bubble: Higher Education's Precarious Hold on Consumer Confidence
September 13, 2010 By Peter Wood 
Once enough people realize they are paying too much for too little, they'll go elsewhere, and the giant college industry will collapse. The tipping point is coming, and the status quo is getting harder to defend. 

Read These Instead: Better Books for Next Year’s Beaches
September 17, 2010 By Peter Wood and Ashley Thorne 
NAS's picks for college common reading programs. 

Back from the Beach: 100 New Books
September 24, 2010 By Ashley Thorne 
NAS's updated database is the most reliable and current resource on American college common reading.

Mandatory Rape Lecture for Male Freshmen at Hamilton College
September 28, 2010 By Ashley Thorne 
Male freshmen were instructed by "a national leader in social justice and sustainability education." 



From Diversity to Sustainability: How Campus Ideology is Born
October 12, 2010 By Peter Wood - Chronicle of Higher Education 
Sustainability, like diversity, subtracts from the better purposes of higher education.

“It Messes Up My Fishing Time”: Why American High School Teachers Don’t Assign Research Papers
October 14, 2010 By Peter Wood 
NAS brings to light a long-suppressed research report on how American high school teachers avoid assigning research papers. 

$600 for “Teaching to Diversity” at CSU Chico
October 15, 2010 By Ashley Thorne 
Professors are invited to join a committee that will find ways to impose "diversity in the classroom."

“Lily-White Imbalances”: Blatant Reverse Racism at Brooklyn College
October 16, 2010 By Ashley Thorne 
A faculty member's call for racial discrimination gives us a window into the shallow world of "diversity" in academe.

A Voice from the Front Lines of the High School English Classroom
October 22, 2010 
A reader offers constructive suggestions and deepens our understanding of the reasons high school teachers don’t (and can’t) assign research papers. 

Online Ed’s Niche Role
October 29, 2010 By David Clemens 
Online education should serve as a home for orphaned liberal arts and "boutique" courses for motivated students.

Test Drive a Hybrid College Course
October 29, 2010 By Jason Fertig 
A combination of online and in-class instruction can help restore academic rigor in college courses.



Quotas at Quinnipiac: “We Very Much Want an African-American for That Particular Position”
November 02, 2010 By Ashley Thorne 
A university president announces his intention to hire a "high-quality African-American." At a meeting last week he said, "Having that person be an African-American is very important to concluding that search." 

Ethnic Studies Teachers Sue to Reinstate La Raza Programs
November 05, 2010 By Ashley Thorne 
Arizona banned La Raza studies courses from its schools earlier this year, but eleven ethnic studies teachers are fighting to bring the radical programs back. 

The Sustainability Inquisition
November 10, 2010 By Ashley Thorne 
Colleges and universities are now assessing faculty members' work in and commitment to sustainability.

Money on the Table
November 12, 2010 By Peter Wood - Chronicle of Higher Education, Innovations 
How colleges transform increases in federal student aid into higher tuition and fees. 

Wesleyan's Affirmative Action Reaction
November 17, 2010 By Ashley Thorne 
Faculty and students at Wesleyan University lashed out in anger against a campus group for its demonstration on the injustice of racial preferences. 

21st-Century Studies
November 19, 2010 By Peter Wood - Chronicle of Higher Education, Innovations 
The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Center for 21st Century Studies is an example of the academic left recycling clichés and passing them off as modern.

Media Rush to Defend LSU “Blood Will Be on Your Hands” Prof
November 22, 2010 By Ashley Thorne 

It is what it looks like - a video shows an astronomy professor ranting in class about global warming and attempting to humiliate students who disagree with him.  

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