Fellowship Opportunity: The William E. Simon Fellowship for Noble Purpose

Kate Hamilton

The William E. Simon Fellowship for Noble Purpose recognizes graduating college seniors who are pursuing lives dedicated to, and distinguished by, honor, generosity, service, and respect.  William E. Simon, the 63rd Secretary of the Treasury, was a distinguished public servant, businessman, and philanthropist.

The Fellowship is funded by the John Templeton Foundation, created by renowned investor, Sir John Templeton, to encourage a fresh appreciation of the importance of the moral and spiritual dimensions of life for all peoples and cultures.

The Fellowship

The Simon Fellowship is a $40,000 unrestricted grant awarded to those graduating college seniors who have demonstrated passion, dedication, a high capacity for self-direction, and originality in pursuit of a goal that will strengthen civil society. In addition, awards of $20,000 and $10,000 are made to two other outstanding students.

Examples of how recipients may use the award include:

  • Engage directly in the civic life of their community.
  • Help to create opportunity for others, including job creation.
  • Advance their expertise.
  • Fund the ultimate realization of their noble purpose.

Potential applicants should visit http://www.simonfellowship.org for application details.  The online application portal will be up and running by month’s end; in the meantime, applicants can begin to assemble the necessary components, including having their transcripts and letters of recommendation mailed to the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

The academic break is a perfect time to make headway on these applications!

The postmark deadline for all graduate fellowship applications is January 17, 2012. Applicants may telephone (302) 524-6121, or email [email protected] for further details.'



Image: Thebluediamondgallery, Public Domain

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