FIRE Educates for Free Speech on Campus

Glenn Ricketts

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (that’s FIRE of course) needs no introduction on this page.  FIRE’s outstanding efforts on behalf of academic freedom and First Amendment rights on college campuses continue to inspire our admiration and gratitude, although it’s also an exceedingly sad commentary that such things would need defending as widely as they do.  Anyway, FIRE will be adding a new dimension to its activities on September 14 in New York City, where it will offer a course in Continuing Legal Education, “Free Speech 101: Protecting Free Expression and the First Amendment at our Nation’s Colleges and Universities.”   All of the details are available here. If you're an attorney or law professor and can spare just a couple of hours on that afternoon, it would be well worth it.  Please do consider attending.  Thanks again to FIRE for its meritorious work, and best wishes with this new initiative.


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