Meet the NAS Interns


Our three interns work hard to support NAS’s mission. Much of their work happens behind the scenes, but all of it is crucial to keeping the NAS office organized and running. In honor of Intern Appreciation Day, take a moment to meet our interns and join us in thanking Chance, Vo, and Michael for their work. 

Chance Layton

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I attend The King's College in Manhattan where I study philosophy, politics, and economics. 

Fun fact? I'm from the best country in a country—Texas. 

Why are you excited to work with NAS? One of the things that excite me most about NAS is the ability to have a vision and act on it. Most jobs or internships at this stage require mind-numbing repetitive labor, but here I get to do something beyond getting coffee. NAS also has an incredible mission, and I'm happy to take part in fulfilling it through my work.

What do you do at the NAS office? I am a communications intern. It mostly consists of formatting and posting articles on the website, compiling press lists, and developing a steady social media presence for NAS. However, since we're a small team, I have plenty of opportunities to venture into other parts of the office. 

Vo Sroeung

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I'm a senior at The King's College studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics.

Fun fact? I was born and raised in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I came to America for the first time three years ago to attend college.

Why are you excited to work with NAS? I am excited to work for the NAS because of the values that the NAS champions with the goal of improving higher education. As a student, I highly value the NAS's commitment to freedom of conversation and debate on college campuses.

What do you do at the NAS office? I work as a Development Assistant Intern at the NAS Office. I am responsible for processing gifts, thanking donors, and managing the NAS's non-profit database.

Michael Kwan

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am a rising Senior at Friends Seminary.

Fun fact? I love to read so much that I have missed my subway stop on multiple occasions.

Why are you excited to work with NAS? I am excited to work at NAS because I am very passionate about education and the way it shapes the world. I also love that NAS never hesitates to point out problems with free speech or the unsatisfactory policies in higher education today.

What do you do at the NAS office? I file news clippings and upload new photos to preexisting articles.

Image: Ashley Thorne. 

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