NAS Scoops NY Post

Ashley Thorne

Thanks to a tip from our CUNY affiliate, NAS published an article exposing the gaffe of a Brooklyn College faculty member, Jocelyn Wills, who wrote in an email, "Please spread the word among your colleagues and friends on Faculty Council, that we need to correct the lily-white imbalances of the Dean's Search Committees, all four of them."

NAS pointed out 4 problems with such a statement:

  1. It is blatantly racist against white faculty members.
  2. It assumes that racial balance should be the norm.
  3. It calls on colleagues to discriminate based on race.
  4. It disrespects the non-racial merits of the people Wills wants to help.

The day after this article was published, the New York Post covered the story in "Lily-White Prof-Panel Slam," which notes that Wills resigned after she was elected to the search committee.

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