NAS Website 2010 Fact Sheet

Ashley Thorne

  • Articles on 365
  • Unique authors: 60 (56 non-NAS staff)
  • Total website views:  264,455 
  • Linked by: World Magazine, Huffington Post,, Washington Times, the New Yorker, Chronicle of Higher Education, Washington Examiner, Inside Higher Ed


On our website you’ll find:

  • New weekly columnist: Jason Fertig, an NAS member and assistant professor of management at the University of Southern Indiana. His inaugural article, Dangers of Credentialing the College Degree: A Real-Life Example, received wide attention in the higher education blogosphere. It is a case study that illustrates the consequences of the popular idea that students are entitled to get a passing grade – even if they don’t earn one. Dr. Fertig also contributes to Phi Beta Cons, Minding the Campus, and the Pope Center.
  • Collegiate Press Roundup: Glenn Ricketts’ weekly collection of interesting articles from student newspapers will keep you up-to-date on current student concerns
  • Academic Questions samples: Sneak previews of articles from forthcoming AQ issues.
  • Ask a Scholar: Have a question Wikipedia can’t answer? Ask your most pressing questions, and we’ll find someone with the expertise to give a reply. Submissions to Ask a Scholar have included “What is the true definition of Latino?” and “What caused the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?”
  • Argus Project: Articles based on leads from volunteers on campuses across the country. Recent Argus articles include “The Sustainability Inquisition,” on surveys assessing faculty commitment to the principles of sustainability; and “Quotas at Quinnipiac,” on a president’s announcement that “We very much want an African-American for that particular position.”
  • Peter Wood’s Chronicle blog posts: NAS president Peter Wood recently began contributing regularly to the Chronicle of Higher Education's Innovations blog. NAS reposts his blog entries a week after they appear on Innovations.
  • Press releases: Recent – When to Use the Word “Racist”, NAS Supports Freedom of Speech and Conscience in Keeton v. Anderson-Wiley,  Arizona Civil Rights Initiative Passes; NAS Hails Victory, NAS Unearths Censored Study on High School Research Papers


About: Goes out weekly, launched in April, sent to all NAS members with valid email addresses. To sign up, enter your email address in the box on the NAS homepage


  • Member publications: We are featuring members' publications to recognize their good work as well as to help members with similar research interests find one another. We are interested in specialized scholarly and scientific publications as well as writing aimed at more general audiences, including novels and poems. Let NAS know about your recent publications by emailing Ashley Thorne.
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  • On the road/about town: our speaking tours & conferences
  • Affiliate event announcements
  • News and blogs that reference NAS 


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Website improvements:

  • Recurring membership: Members can opt for an automatically renewing membership so you don’t have to manually renew each year.
  • Make a gift: Giving to NAS is faster, simpler, and still tax-deductible. If you are giving online you can specify in PayPal how you’d like your gift to be used, i.e., to sponsor an intern, to support Academic Questions, or to help fund a particular project.
  • Search: It’s easier to find what you’re looking for. Search results come with an author and date. Coming soon: sort search results by relevance or date.
  • Get involved page: coming soon. 
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