NAS Welcomes Intellectual Takeout

Ashley Thorne

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  • April 07, 2010

Check out NAS's review of the online one-stop shop Intellectual Takeout! Have you or a student you know ever experienced a situation like one of these?

  • You’re in class and the professor is singing the praises of John Dewey and his educational philosophy. You’re not exactly sure why, but something doesn’t sound right about child-centered school.
  • Your biology teacher announces that global warming is real, man-made, and that we have to do something about it. You’re skeptical but don’t have any counter-evidence.
  • A friend is considering joining a feminist student group on campus because she wants to connect with other women and find new friends. You want to warn her about the feminist mindset but lack specific points with which to persuade her.

This is where Intellectual Takeout comes in. It provides educational content for students to help them respond to the politically correct one-sidedness on campus. NAS is proud to partner with Intellectual Takeout in these ways:

  1. Intellectual Takeout will consult NAS on questions not covered in the library topics through “Ask the Professor.” (We just received our first question; we'll report with an answer soon)
  2. Scholars can help fill in missing parts of the library. If you are interested in contributing articles or academic white papers you have written, please contact ITO.
  3. Scholars can mentor students interested in going into higher education. Entering academia can be difficult for conservative, classically liberal, or libertarian. NAS members will have the opportunity (as the need arises) to be mentors to these rising academics.
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