New Excellent Program: Colloquium on the American Founding

Ashley Thorne

One of the ways NAS is working for higher education reform is to build and encourage the development of specialized programs that fill a gap in today's college curriculum. Such programs offer courses in subjects that have been largely neglected by mainstream institutions: American history and freedom, Constitutionalism, Western civilization, free markets, Great Books, and civic leadership.

NAS has compiled a database of these campus-based programs and lists them on the "Excellent Programs" page on our website. Our chairman Steve Balch helped build many of the nearly 50 listed.

We are always updating our Excellent Programs page; check out the newest addition, below. We invite you to browse our list and send the link (/resources/recommended_programs) to interested friends.

The list of programs can be accessed by clicking the blue “Excellent Programs” tab on the left sidebar of the NAS homepage.

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Amherst College – Colloquium on the American Founding


Led by Hadley Arkes, the Colloquium on the American Founding works to preserve at Amherst the teaching of the American Founders and Lincoln on “natural rights.” The Colloquium conducts lecture series; meetings in Amherst and Washington, held in October, January, and April; and various courses.  The subjects may be grouped conveniently under these headings: the political philosophy and moral principles of the American regime; the question of religion and the law (or revelation and reason); the principles of a free economy; and the defense of the American regime in foreign and military policy.

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