New Excellent Program: Master's Degree in Liberty Studies

Ashley Thorne

One of the ways NAS is working for higher education reform is to build and encourage the development of specialized programs that fill a gap in today's college curriculum. Such programs offer courses in subjects that have been largely neglected by mainstream institutions: American history and freedom, Constitutionalism, Western civilization, free markets, Great Books, and civic leadership.

NAS has compiled a database of these campus-based programs and lists them on the "Excellent Programs" page on our website. Our chairman Steve Balch helped build many of the nearly 50 listed - a large part of the reason the White House honored him with the National Humanities Medal in 2007.

We are always updating our Excellent Programs page; if you haven't seen it yet, check out the newest addition, below. We invite you to browse our list and send the link (/resources/recommended_programs) to interested friends.

The list of programs can be accessed by clicking the blue “Excellent Programs” tab on the left sidebar of the NAS homepage.

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University of Illinois, Springfield - Master's Degree in Liberty Studies

Earn a Master's Degree in Liberty Studies at the University of Illinois at Springfield.  For over 30 years the Department of Liberal and Integrative Studies has offered students the opportunity to formulate their own degree plan and name their own degree.  A brief list of courses on liberty include: Radical Capitalism, Philosophy of Business, Liberty Studies, Revolutions and Liberty, and Social Philosophy.

For more information on the degree, or to begin your application, contact Dr. William Kline: [email protected].

For more information about Liberty Studies in general please visit

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