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Ashley Thorne

From: BAMN <[email protected]>
Date: March 17, 2010 10:50:32 PM PDT
Subject: ALL OUT to the UC Regents Meeting - March 23-25 - UCSF-Mission Bay campus
Reply-To: [email protected]

Statewide Mobilization to the
UC Regents' Meeting 

March 23-25, 2010 -

UC San Francisco Mission Bay Campus

Win a UC-wide Dream Scholarship Program:

Financial Aid for Undocumented Immigrant Students! 

Restore Affirmative Action and
Overturn 209! 


Tuesday, MARCH 23 - Gather at 9am -

Attend the UC Commission on the Future meeting starting at 10:30am 

Wednesday, MARCH 24 - Gather for Public Comment at 8am


UC-San Francisco - MissionBay campus

Community Center, 1675 Owens St., San Francisco, CA


* Defend Public Education at All Levels! 

* No More Fee Hikes! No Program, Faculty or Staff Cuts in Higher Education! 

* A Massive Increase in Federal Funding for Public Higher Education! 

* Defend Public Education from K thru 12! No More Charters! 

* Pass the DREAM Act Now! Create Campus-Based DREAM Scholarships to Provide
  Financial Aid for Undocumented Students! 

* Stop the Resegregation of Higher Education! Increase Under-Represented Minority
  Student Enrollment - Restore Affirmative Action Now! No More Separate and Unequal!
  Overturn Prop 209! 

* No More Second-Class Treatment of Latina/o Students and Students with and without papers -
  Make Every UC a Sanctuary Campus! 

* Build the New Civil Rights and Student Movement! 



Tuesday, March 23rd after the Regents' subcommittee "Commission on the Future" meeting, and Wednesday, March 24th after the Regents' meeting 

*these organizing meetings will take place each day directly after the Regents Meeting sessions on site at UCSF-Mission Bay.  Everyone is welcome! 

*BAMN National Chair and BAMN attorney Shanta Driver will be at these organizing meetings on to discuss the lawsuit to overturn Prop 209 with students, student organizations, unions, and other organizations who are interested in joining this historic lawsuit as plaintiffs. 

call us or email us for more info:

[email protected]



Special UCLA BAMN organizing meeting

TODAY - THURSDAY, March 18th

5:30pm, Public Affairs Bldg, 3rd floor lounge

*also w/ BAMN National Chair/Attorney Shanta Driver 


For more info and fliers you can download and print:


On Tuesday, March 23rd the Regents' subcommittee, the "Commission on the Future", charged with determining the size, future character and funding mechanisms of the University of California system, will meet to put forward their system-wide masterplan that will be voted on at the July Regents' meeting.  This masterplan proposal will determine the future of public higher education across the state of California for years to come. 

Because of the importance of this proposal, we will hold a BAMN meeting after the Commision meeting on the 23rd, and after the Regents' meeting on the 24th to have a discussion of what the proposal of the Commission on the Future is.  The Commission will be discussing every issue that is of concern to the movement and we must put out our own perspective on how best to defend public education. 

Between now and July when the Regents vote on the proposal we must be intervening to shape it to conform to our views about what a public university should be: maintaining it as a public rather than private institution, that it should be a publicly accountable institution, that it should create a UC wide Dream scholarship program, using all lawful means to increase under-represented minority student enrollment, that it should maintain all its departments and course offerings, and that it should rescind the fee hikes. 

We must demand that the Regents pass a resolution to give undocumented students access to institutional scholarship funds.  If passed, this resolution will not only give AB540 students access to much needed scholarship money, it will also represent a declaration by this nation's most prominent and important public university system that it is a center of social progress, prepared to strike a blow against the second class treatment of Latino/a and immigrant students and to reassert it's proud tradition of being the leading public institution in this nation.  Winning the UC Dream Act will clear the path for a passage of a statewide Dream Act, and a Federal Dream Act. 

We also must be demanding that the Regents put their own words into action and follow California Attorney General Jerry Brown's lead by stating as their position in federal court - in response to BAMN's lawsuit to overturn Proposition 209 - that Prop 209 is unconstitutional and discriminatory; that the Regents stand on their own 2001 unanimous resolution opposing the ban on affirmative action; and that they tell the plain truth that, after experimenting with all conceivable admissions policies, including instituting socioeconomic affirmative action measures into their admissions system, Prop 209 is impossible to enforce without denying tens of thousands of brilliant young Californian Latino/a, black and Native American students equal opportunity and access to our flagship public university campuses. 

*Its not too late to still organize carpools, rental vans, or even buses from your area to get to the Regents meeting.  We can help pull it together on your campus.  Contact us ASAP. Lets figure out how to get lots of people to spend part of their break at UCSF! 


[email protected]


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