No Evidence of Sexual Harassment? Guilty, Says the Dean

Glenn Ricketts

That's how it went in the newest addition to the ever-growing caselog of sexual harassment follies, described in this release from our friends at FIRE. Professor Arthur Gilbert, a long-time, highly regarded faculty member in the University of Denver's Joseph Korbel School of International Studies is still seeking vindication, following his outrageous treatment by senior DU administrators. The whole incident, described in FIRE's document, was generated by two anonymous and completely unsubstantiated complaints about the content of Gilbert's course. No matter, that was more than enough for Academic Dean Christopher Hill to remove Gilbert from class without so much as an interview. And despite Gilbert's subsequent vindication by an investigating panel at DU, Hill nevertheless declared that he had committed "sexual harassment" and would be required to undergo mandatory "sensitivy training." We're happy to note that, in addition to FIRE, the AAUP has also intervened on Gilbert's behalf, appropriately complaining that his academic freedom had been grievously violated. As of today, the Dean hasn't budged, although Gilbert has declared his intention to offer the offending course again in the spring semester. We'll be watching.

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