No Really, Some Good News on Sexual Harassment

Glenn Ricketts

At least a little bit, thanks once again to our friends at FIRE. As I recently wrote here, new mandatory regulations for college sexual harassment case procedures from the US Education Department's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) have made it much, MUCH easier to return a guilty verdict, indeed almost seemed to wire the process against the accused.

Those regulations, alas, haven't been rescinded. But thanks to FIRE's tireless vigilance and PR efforts, a particularly egregious case at the University of North Dakota has seen justice done. Remember, not only had local police authorities concluded that there was no case against the accused student - of rape, no less - they also issued a warrant against the accuser for bringing false charges. That, believe it or not, did nothing to persuade the university's sexual harassment bureaucrats who refused to reconsider the case, and stuck to their guilty verdict, until now. No doubt they probably still think that they were right, but have apparently responded to the much-deserved bad publicity they've been getting. FIRE, we thank you once again.

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