Peter Wood Reviews "The Fight"


NAS President Peter Wood reviews Jonathan Leaf's new play The Fight, based on the feud between Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem. He writes at First Things:

The outcome of the Steinem-Friedan election arguably set the trajectory of the women’s movement for the next nearly fifty years. Champions of Steinem’s ideology probably will not like The Fight, which is, after all, a male playwright’s re-imagining of wrangling between two feminist icons. But Leaf’s play leaves open the possibility of admiring Steinem/Feinberg for precisely the stands she took (and continues to take). Her weaponized style of feminist advocacy dominates in Women’s Studies programs and has become an essential ingredient in the effort to legitimate gay marriage and transgenderism. If we approve the tenor of contemporary American culture, we are inescapably approving Steinem’s legacy, which is written into that culture.

You can read the entire review at First Things.

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