Prager U: What is Social Justice?

Jason Fertig

The newest Prager University video titled "What is Social Justice" should be of great interest to NAS members.  In the new course, Jonah Goldberg of the American Enterprise Institute and National Review fame calls the social justice movement for what it is - a catchall phrase used to advance political agendas.  Much like ethics, "justice" does not need an adjective.

Best-selling author, columnist, and nationally syndicated radio host Dennis Prager created Prager University to counter the indoctrination, drivel, and apathy that pervades today’s college campuses.  With 5-minute, professionally produced videos from experts in economics, history, political science, and religion, PragerU offers big ideas on big topics, 5 minutes at a time.  I'm a big advocate of Prager's attempt to "teach what isn't taught" at college.  I look forward to sharing more of these videos in the weeks ahead.

Image: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

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