Red Star Over Campus - 4/26/2017 in Washington D.C.

National Association of Scholars

You are cordially invited to join the National Association of Scholars, in conjunction with Alliance Defending Freedom, in Washington DC. We will unveil our new report, Outsourced to China: Confucius Institutes and Soft Power in American Higher Education, and host the US premiere of the documentary In the Name of Confucius.

Red Star Over Campus:
How China’s Confucius Institutes Court Western Colleges and Universities

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Washington, DC
Alliance Defending Freedom
440 First Street NW, Suite 600

12:00 – 1:30 Luncheon, panel discussion, and Q&A
1:30 – 3:00 Documentary screening and Q&A

Lunch will be provided.


Guests are welcome to attend all or part of the program, though we encourage all to attend both the panel discussion and the documentary screening.


Peter Wood, President, National Association of Scholars

Rebecca Sears, Media & Marketing Strategist, Alliance Defending Freedom

Rachelle Peterson, Director of Research Projects, National Association of Scholars and author of Outsourced to China

Mike Gonzalez, Senior Fellow, Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy, The Heritage Foundation

Doris Liu, Director, In the Name of Confucius

David Kilgour, Former Member of Parliament, Canada

This event is free and open to the public.


12:00 Lunch 
12:15 Welcome and Introduction from Peter Wood 
12:25 Remarks by Rachelle Peterson 
12:35 Remarks by Mike Gonzalez 
12:45 Remarks by Doris Liu 
12:55 Remarks by David Kilgour
1:05 Q&A
1:25 Break
1:35 US premiere of In the Name of Confucius
2:35 Q&A
3:00 Conclusion

Direct questions to Rachelle Peterson, [email protected] or (917) 551-6770.


About Outsourced to China

Confucius Institutes are teaching and research centers located at colleges and universities, underwritten by the Chinese government. More than 100 Confucius Institutes are in operation at American campuses.

Confucius Institutes frequently attract scrutiny because of their close ties to the Chinese government. They are largely funded by a Chinese government agency, which screens teachers and selects textbooks. A stream of stories indicates that intellectual freedom, merit-based hiring policies, and other foundational principles of American higher education have received short shrift in Confucius Institutes.

This report includes case studies at twelve Confucius Institutes—two in New Jersey and ten in New York—making it one of the most thorough examinations of Confucius Institutes. It documents the hiring policies, funding arrangements, contracts signed by the university, pressure on affiliated faculty members, and more.

About In the Name of Confucius

In the Name of Confucius is the first documentary exposé of China’s multi-billion dollar Confucius Institute, a Chinese language and culture program set up in partnership with foreign educational institutions. Since 2004, CIs have found their way into over 1,500 universities and schools worldwide.

When Canada's largest school board is slated to open the world's largest Confucius Institute, the school trustees find themselves embroiled in a growing global controversy. Joined by one former CI instructor whose defection and discrimination complaint led to the first ever closure of a CI on a North American campus, hundreds of parents launch an anti-CI campaign. They are soon confronted by CI supporters, allegedly rallied by the Chinese consulate. The school board turns into a battleground — culminating in a vote that will decide the fate of the CI partnership.

The re-enactments star the reigning Miss World Canada, Anastasia Lin, and the producers are winners of the Peabody Award (Human Harvest).


Image: Chinese Flag by Gary Lerude // CC BY-ND 2.0

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