The College Board is Abandoning 'Adversity Scores'—But Not Completely


This summer the College Board announced that it was rolling out a new "adversity score" to accompany SAT scores. The Board's intention was to reflect the hardship student's faced within a "100-point Adversity Scale." However, after criticism of the scoring system, the College Board has announced that it is pulling the program. "This is less a retreat than a redeployment," writes David Randall in RealClearEducation. He continues:

They’ve renamed their “Environmental Context Dashboard” as “Landscape.” Landscape shows students’ actual SAT scores to college admissions officers, but accompanied by all the “comparative data” colleges need to create their own Adversity Scores. And while David Coleman, CEO of College Board, boasts that "We listened to thoughtful criticism and made Landscape better and more transparent," the College Board won’t let students see Landscape. Landscape is still a black box for the American public.

Read the full article at RealClearEducation.

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