Trick or Vote

Ashley Thorne

Among my sustainability emails today is a message from the Energy Action Coalition ("the hub of the youth climate movement") encouraging people to "scare big oil" this Halloween by organizing Trick or Vote events. I'd never heard of Trick or Vote before. Apparently you go around in a group knocking on doors like you would as a trick-or-treater, but in addition to begging for candy, you're asking people to vote on November 2.

A brilliant idea! Halloween is the only day of the year in which door-to-door solicitation is socially smiled upon. I suppose my family exploited Halloween from inside our home when we included Christian tracts with the candy we gave out. And now the youth climate movement has figured out a way to exploit it as well. Check out their costume ideas here.

What other door-to-door pitches are possible on All Hallow's Eve?

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