Video: John Zmirak on How to Choose a College


John Zmirak joins Andy Nash to explore the challenge of choosing the right college. Dr. Zmirak is editor of Choosing the Right College and, both created by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

Key Take-Aways

  • 1:00 – The inception of ISI’s College Guide – to give a sober look of higher ed. (2 mins, 20 sec)
  • 4:00 – Unlike other guides: chronicling postwar Japanese monster movies vs. Shakespeare. (1 min, 30 sec)
  • 6:00 – Warning against schools that are gold plated Cadillacs with bad engines. (2 mins, 15 sec)
  • 9:00 – What constitutes an overpriced college? (1 minute)
  • 10:15 – The very best and very worst schools (with sadomasochistic pornography). (3 mins, 20 sec)
  • 14:40 – From intellectual enrichment to mere credentialism, how to still find love among the ruins. (2 mins, 20 sec)
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