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Peter Wood

Do you sometimes forget to visit the NAS website? Tired of the social embarrassment of falling behind on must-read commentary? We have a solution. Subscribe to CASNET!


CASNET is a free, moderated email list, produced by the California Association of Scholars (http://www.calscholars.org). It will drop NAS articles right into your mailbox within minutes of their publication. It will also send you links to other important stories in higher education and periodic round-ups of stories from many sources.  


You can subscribe, unsubscribe, or get information on CASNET by sending electronic mail to [email protected]. In the message body (not the header), type the following commands (capitalized text only):


SUBSCRIBE CASNET [to subscribe]


SIGNOFF CASNET [to unsubscribe]


INFO CASNET [to receive more information on the list]


If you don’t care to be interrupted by email, you can also have NAS articles stowed away for you at your convenience in an RSS feed. Click here to subscribe. 

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