Why the SCOTUS Should Reverse Grutter

Glenn Ricketts

Via George Leef at Phi Beta Cons, I learned of this piece by attorney Larry Purdy, posted at the Pope Center’s web page. CEO’s Roger Clegg also weighs in.

Purdy, who served on the legal team representing Barbara Grutter in her unsuccessful challenge to the University of Michigan law school’s race based “diversity” admissions policies, explains why the Supreme Court’s 2003 decision was wrong, and why it should be overturned. First, the Court will have to grant certiorari in the petition of Fisher v. Texas, which challenges a race-based admissions program currently in use at the University of Texas. As of today, it hasn’t yet done so.

Purdy is also the author of Getting Under the Skin of Diversity, a 2003 study available here.

The Grutter ruling, as Purdy and Clegg argue convincingly, is constitutionally unsound, and was a major setback for opponents of racial preferences. Hopefully the Court will follow their advice, and use the Fisher case to reverse its 2003 error.

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