Event: A Toolkit Encouraging Fiscal Responsibility in Higher Education

National Association of Scholars

Toolkit Webinar

Encouraging Fiscal Responsibility in Higher Education

Wednesday, May 12th | 2 pm ET
Webinar Event

Over the last twenty years, increasing college expenditures have driven millions of students into debts they can’t afford. Why did this happen and what’s to be done?

Join the National Association of Scholars on May 12th at 2 pm ET as Priced Out author Neetu Arnold and NAS director of policy Teresa Manning, release a new toolkit to help you advocate for and encourage state and national legislation to rein in profligate college spending and discourage excessive student debt.

Our recently published report, Priced Out: What College Costs America, details the growth in student loan debt and administrative bloat. The report combs the spending habits of 50 universities and shares the worries, thoughts, and hopes of students, parents, and college administrators to investigate the psychology behind students’ decisions to take on overwhelming debt and the choices administrators make in spending that tuition.

Priced Out found that:

  • Tuition increases at public universities far exceeded their losses in state funding; in other words, state disinvestment cannot be the sole cause of rising tuition. Administrators mostly used tuition increases to pay for increased university expenditures.
  • The total number of administrators and staff grew by roughly 50% between 1987 and 2018, driven by a 94% increase in the “Executives” and “Other Professionals” categories.
  • Universities devoted increasing amounts of their resources to government relations, marketing, and public relations, at the expense of undergraduate instruction.

Be sure to join us for this important conversation where we will release and discuss new template emails, letters, and phone scripts to encourage stronger oversight of America’s colleges and universities.

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