Event: China in American K-12 Classrooms: A Historical Context

National Association of Scholars

The full extent of Chinese influence in American education is unknown. Sparse restrictions and meager oversight have allowed China to build a vast influence operation in our schools. While forward-looking Americans have worked hard to untangle the mess and extract China from educating our children, others fight to keep its presence, with the belief that it is a benign influence in American K-12 and higher education.

In this webinar, we will examine the historical precedent of China’s influence in American K-12 education against other foreign entities, along with the risks to national security and interest posed by China’s involvement in our education system. This event will also discuss China’s influence in the K-12 classroom in an environment of education polarization.

Join the National Association of Scholars on Friday, August 18, at 1 pm ET to learn more about past and present extent of Chinese influence in American K-12 education.

This event will feature John Metz, Executive Director of the Athenai Institute; and Ian Oxnevad, Senior Fellow for Foreign Affairs and Security Studies at the National Association of Scholars. This event will be moderated by Neetu Arnold, a Research Fellow at the National Association of Scholars.

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